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Mar 17, 2009 09:24 AM

Da Enzo in Middletown?

Has anyone been to this restaurant? It's a small place on Rt 35 south, in the same shopping center as Work out World, Blockbuster and Bottle King.

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  1. I went there once, many years ago when it occupied part of the space WOW now has. It was decent, but I don't recall any details.

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      In that shopping center, there's Sono, one of the better sushi places, Neelam, an Indian restaurant I have heard nothing good and plenty bad about, and Suzie's Sweet Shoppe, a must-go-to at appropriate candy times. (Which could be every week for some.)

      1. re: cantkick

        I have never been to Da Enzo. As for the other places in that shopping center, I must assert my opinions:

        Sono: Food is good and the service is wonderful. IMO the sushi at Aki in nearby Port Monmouth is very much better than Sono.

        Neelam: This place enjoys the advantage of being the only Indian food for miles. But it is not bad. The food is decent, even good. It's not very spicy. They cook for gringos. We go there because its nearby, and we always enjoy it.

        Suzi's Sweet Shoppe: I like the candy. She has a big selection. She's very experienced and professional. I would trust her with a special order. The shop is cute and the staff is always nice. I think I like the candy at Criterion a little bit better, but Suzi's shop is pleasanter and easier to deal with.

        Florentinos: Italian deli/meat store/caterer is quite good. Occasionally the staff is surly. Good chicken salad.

        J&M Bakery: Good Italian bakery. I like the butter cookies.

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          Great tuna salad as well. Also love the cheese & parsley sausage ring!