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Soho recommendations

Can anyone recommend any good restaurant in Soho (near Prince st, mercer) that is not too expensive? (under $20 entrees) Any cuisine. Thanks.

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    1. re: shorts

      under $20 entrees is going to be a bit hard to do in any decent place, besides an ethnic restaurant

    2. La Esquina -cafe side

        1. re: LeahBaila

          Do you mean Aroma Coffee bar? I don't think it's Italian, it's Israeli owned and the menu is eclectic with Mediterranean, Mid Eastern overtones.

          1. re: michele cindy

            Nope...It's just called "Aroma." I know of the coffee bar you're speaking of. Two separate places.


            1. re: LeahBaila

              Thanks for clarifying! Where's the "other" Aroma? I'd would like to check it out.

        2. Cubana Cafe on Thompson Street is good, not great.

            1. re: harrison

              i second la esquina

              spring st natural and l'asso are also good options nearby

            2. Snack on Thompson for Greek.

              1. I 2nd Peep, inexpensive given what else is in the area.
                Fanellis, for burgers, I also had a good vegetarian chili there.
                You could go to Balthazar for an omlette or sandwich about $15.00.
                Let us know where you end up.
                I've given Spring St. Natural too many tries to ever go back there.

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                1. re: michele cindy

                  Me too. My comp used to order from them and it was 50% ok and the other 50% we had many bad experiences- undercooked food, rancid food etc. etc. This was just take out, but would not recommend SN to anyone unfort.

                2. Lupe's.
                  Café Noir
                  Ben's Pizza
                  Mooncake Foods
                  Caffé Tina
                  to name a few

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                  1. re: il Trifulau

                    Have you eaten anything at Caffe Tina that would qualify as edible? I have not. If you have any recommendations, I'm all ears.

                    1. re: Desidero

                      I always get their salumi and cheese plates. My wife likes their omelets. The pizza is good enough.
                      It's an old school SoHo spot run by authentic I-talians, so I cut it some slack.

                      1. re: il Trifulau

                        Pretty sure this place closed down like 6 months ago (or more) or am I mistaken? I never ate there, but it was a nice spot to have a glass of wine or coffee without the "beautiful people" aesthetic of soho.

                        1. re: malibu

                          Shut down and re-opened once they put their code-compliant indirect drains in place, I'm told.

                  2. cafe falai. v good italian on lafayette below prince. not cheap but def reasonable.

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                    1. re: volker

                      When I looked at their dinner menu, it looked more expensive than Lupa, which makes me question how "reasonable" it is. Is the food as good or better than Lupa's?

                      1. re: Pan

                        You know who's food is better than Lupa's? Aurora and Pepolino.

                        1. re: il Trifulau

                          I haven't tried either, but I appreciate the recommendations.

                    2. I agree with snack on thomson and I'd defintiely add 100 acres on macdougal to the list - it has a great burger and wonderful other entres. If you're in the mood for tapas - try out Boqueria and Bar Carrera

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                      1. re: wooster5

                        I 2nd 100 Acres, I always forget that place! I've been there a few times and it's always good.