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Mar 17, 2009 08:53 AM

chorizo in baltimore

Hello Everyone! I love chorizo tacos and wanted to know if someone knows where I can get my own chorizo....I can't find it in whole foods or other markets. I figure I have to go somewhere else but am not sure where....


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  1. It's pretty easy to find according to my girlfriend. They have it at Giant and Trader Joe's and other places.

    She buys ours at the farmer's market, either the Waverly one or after May 2 the JFX one. Neopol in Belvedere Square or at the aforementioned markets does a smoked chorizo that is heavenly.

    1. Try the Lexington Market. I haven't been there lately and don't recall if it is available, but with 11 delicatessin vendors and 9 meat stalls, the chances are they have it. I think I did see it at the Dutch Country (Amish) Farmer's Market in Burtonsville near Laurel (198 off Hwy 29) which is open only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays. The same folks who bring their stuff down from Lancaster County also have markets in Annapolis and one other town--Glen Burnie, I think. Some of their vendors don't accept credit cards, so bring along cash just in case. Maybe someone else who has been to these markets remembers if they have it for sure.

      1. Hands down, I'd recommend that you go to La Guadalupana, located on the corner of South Wolfe and Eastern Ave in Upper Fells Points.

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          Second La Guadalupana. Sure we're a melting pot, but buying Mexican sausage from the Amish?

        2. Haven't had La Guadalupana's, but I've been very happy with the chorizo I get at Cinco de Mayo II, on Eastern and Central. I presume the stuff at Cinco de Mayo in Highlandtown is the same recipe, though I haven't tried it and can't say.

          1. Lily's Mexican Market in Columbia sells both Mexican and El Salvador chorizo. I don't know the difference, but the butcher made it seem important enough that I tried both.