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Mar 17, 2009 08:26 AM

The best scenic hotel bars?

Where are the nicest places OUTSIDE Montreal to sit for an afternoon, sipping drinks and talking and looking at the scenery? I keep imagining a beautiful, big-windowed hotel bar in the Laurentians, looking out into the snowy greens, lots of light and openness and ease... but after hunting around I'm beginning to fear this place doesn't exist.

What are the province's great hotel bars? Montebello? La Sapinière? Am interested in scenic terrasses as well, but I think it's a bit too early to be able to enjoy them.

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  1. One of the most scenic hotel restaurants (pretty sure you can just sit down and sip drinks too if it's not doing the rush meal hours) is Auberge North Hatley in the Eastern Townships ( It is however quite pricey.

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      Sounded great! Until...

      From the website:

      Decision based on high reconstruction costs
      Montreal, July 13, 2006 — Groupe Germain announced today that it has decided against rebuilding Auberge Hatley, which was completely destroyed by a fire this past March. This decision was announced following an in depth analysis of reconstruction costs.

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        oups, sorry, I copied the wrong link and the wrong name, it's actually Manoir Hovey ( in the same little town/village as the Auberge North Hatley which yes, it burnt down a few years ago.
        There is also Auberge Ripplecove at the other end of the lake, very nice too. both the Manoir and Ripplecove are owned by 2 brothers I think...

    2. (probably wrong about that)

      Maybe at Mont-Tremblant, you could buy a ride up (and down) the gondola and have a drink at the bar/restaurant at the top.

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        The terasse at the Chateau Frontenac, looking out over the river?

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          You definitely can do that, in Tremblant, although the drinks won't be fancy, and it's a bit of a ride (and a cost) to get up there.

          That revolving restaurant on top of the hotel in Quebec city (can't be bothered to look up what it's called this month) has some pretty nice views - don't go near the food though.

          La Pinsonniere in Charlevoix overlooks the St-Lawrence.

        2. If you are up in Point-au-Pic the Manoir Richelieu's golf clubhouse sits high above the water with wonderful views along the river and is a great spot for a drink. No need to golf to get a drink. However, the outdoor terrasse is quite small and I can see it getting crowded. We were lucky to have it to ourselves.