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Mar 17, 2009 08:13 AM

lobsters for a seafood feast


I was wondering if anyone had a favorite seafood place where you always purchase your fresh lobsters. My friends and I are planning an evening of Lobsters and Oysters for Friday night, and I wanted to make sure we were getting it from somewhere trusted and, if possible, cheaper than others.
Was thinking that Whole Foods would be trusty, but probably expensive.

We live in Porter/Davis area, but I have a car and don't mind some driving....

Thanks in advance for you suggestions!

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  1. I would be more interested in where you're getting your oysters? Whole Foods will set you back a paycheck...

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      a friend of mine is ordering them from the West Coast....he had a gift certificate from a wedding present that he's using for this....5 Dozen Hood Canal and a 1lb of smoked salmon....
      we had a big seafood feast over the summer in the Cape and a couple of our other friends are now "experience" shuckers from the 4 dozen oysters we had at that point.

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        New Deal usually has oysters from 2 or 3 areas. Last week they had Kumamotos. They'll also have lobster, but you should call ahead to make sure.

        Whole Foods oysters are not expensive...$1 an oyster if I remember correctly.

      2. Captain Marden's in Newton and Wellesley.

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          I believe the Captain Marden in newton closed several years ago. The one in Wellesley is a good suggestion, but they are not cheap.

        2. whole foods does not carry live lobsters. Why it is OK to eat live oysters (a bivalve mollusk) or steam live clams (another bivalve mollusc), but not to steam/boil live lobster (an arthropod only slightly more complex than a mollusc) is beyond me, but that is their corporate decision.

          1. I walked by James Hook on Saturday and remembered that they always have good fresh lobsters if you are getting them to take on a plane -- after the fire I bet they could use some support to get back up and running. I'd call them to inquire as to market price. I doubt you'll find fresher, and you can pull into the little lot next to the shack to run in and pick them up.

            James Hook & Co.
            15 Northern Ave, Boston, MA

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              According to Boston Business Journal, James Hook site to be sold, family planning to lease back from developers to continue retail business. That's a smart move.

            2. I always go to Louie's Alive & Kickin' Lobsters in Cambridge, near the River St. Whole Foods. Call before you go because when I went in on a Saturday he was out. He said he was getting some more in on that Sunday.

              Alive And Kicking Lobsters
              269 Putnam Avenue, Cambridge, MA