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Mar 17, 2009 07:20 AM

Sugar Shacks

Have read about Sugar Shacks in Quebec/Montreal area. Just wondering if these are Inns and/or bed and breakfast or restuarants or maple farms that one can tour - perhaps all of the above.

Can some explain them to me?

Also if you just want to visit during the day to see the facilities, taste the goods - sort of a pit stop along the way from one city to the next - is this possible?

Finally - does anyone know of some on the road from QC to Montreal?


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  1. Sucrerie de la Montagne is not between Qc and Mtl but you can visit during the day, the facilities are open and there is a store.

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      They also have cabins and rooms if people want to sleep on-site.

    2. somebody recommended this one to me but i havent tried it yet but here are some photos so you can see what it is like, but different ones offer different activities, i have been to some in ste eustache where there are many in proximity but none of these are on quebec city route, there is a government site to check them out if someone has it handy they can post it

      the person also tried this one a week ago and said food was good and only $13-17, latter on weekends and is 30 minutes from montreal ste gregoire area, south of montreal (english version at top) you can see a list of what to do typical of sugar shacks

      anybody else have some they tried recently.....

      1. Sugar shacks are everywhere and this is the right time. My wifes parents have one in Montreal and have started to make maple syrup. It's AMAZING, they make about 20 gallons a year from 250 trees and it's all for personal consumption and friends. Commercial shacks are all over the place. Depending where you'll be there will be a great choice. They are usually not affiliated with any hotels or BB's.

        Try here:

        This is a government site. Maple syrup is HUGE here. It makes 80% of the worlds supply. I can tell you that this year the syrup is GREAT....

        Try to find a smaller one. The bigger ones will sit you and feed you and try to hustle you out so another group can come in.

        Last weekend we were 6 at our parents shack, had a great time, opened bubbly, collected maple water to pour into the boilers, opened beers, cooked omeletes and beans on the wood stove....yummers.

        I live in Quebec City and it hasn't started yet, too cold at night.