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Mar 17, 2009 06:23 AM

West Palm Beach-Just moved here

Just moved into a place in WPM. Love the city but need food recommendations. I am more used to Miami/Aventura. We love Rascal House, Mario the Baker, Rustic Inn...places like that, along with a great bagel place, chinese food, etc...

We are from Toronto so are used to having amazing food of every ethnicity around us. What do we absolutely have to try? What will become our favorites?

We have small children & no baby sitter, so nothing too fancy, expensive, or bar recommendations.

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    1. I am a 2 year transplant from a city with great food of all kinds as well. Quality authentic ethnic food, in most regards, is severely lacking. I don't want to sound negative, but do not expect anything like where you came from and appreciate what little the area has to offer.

      I know Palm Beach Gardens better so I will let others chime in on WPB recs.

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      1. re: freakerdude

        I've been here 1 year now and haven't found my go-to place yet either without driving a distance. I've been noticing the last few months I find myself driving south more and more for good eats. There are some chow-worthy places within west palm that you should try at some point and decide for youself. Unfortunately, limiting them to family establishments that are inexpensive excludes many of them. I'm also young and single so that's just in my world of restaurants. I would definitely check out Howley's, an old school diner that does a great job of looking and feeling the part. Good atmosphere, good food, and decent prices. You can also find good discounts on local places at and for Howleys and some others and that way you get to try more for less.

        1. re: ash0529

          Howley's was a long time favorite of ours and still passable but the glow is gone in my opinion. Had a couple unsatisfactory visits over the past two winter seasons (yes I'm a snowbird). I don't rule it out but no longer see it as a must stop.

      2. A great little gem is Grand Lake Chinese. Try it . . . you'll like it.

        Grandlake Chinese Cuisine
        7750 Okeechobee Blvd West, Palm Beach, FL

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        1. re: Alfred G

          Yes, Grand Lakes is very worthy for chinese. As ash said, be willing to drive and spend the time to seek out the the best.

          I have yet to find great mexican, thai, or indian around WPB/PBG but still have some thai recs to try out.

          1. re: Alfred G

            Ate at Grand Lakes tonight, dim sum was uniformly excellent. Hot and sour soup was very good, and the eggplant in garlic sauce was quite excellent. i agree with Alfred G that Grand Lakes is a gem.

            1. re: elgringoviejo

              ill have to try it out! grand lakes hmm

          2. Don Ramon's
            502 S. Military Trail
            West Palm Beach, FL 33405 Map

            Phone: (561) 687-0161

            Cuisine: Cuban

            Price: $ = $15 and less
            Awesome Cuban Food I have eaten there for years

            1. Tacos al Carbon in Lake Worth for mexican. I've only eaten the tacos and they are the real deal.

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              1. re: zenana

                Tacos al Carbon insanely great food ,definitely a unique outside style food place not sure family friendly ??