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Mar 17, 2009 06:03 AM

Primer on Vietnamese Herbs

i discovered this very informative food blog, "viet world kitchen," and it is filled with recipes, eating etiquette, encyclopedic information about many ingredients and techniques. (thanks, sweth!).

this primer on herbs commonly used in the vietnamese kitchen is excellent:

the site also may help you understand the flavors in the mysterious delicious condiments on the table, for dipping or pho.

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  1. Great site. I had never explored the herb page. Thanks for the links!!!

    1. Her cook books are wonderful too!

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      1. re: meatn3

        Yes, i noticed these awards for the book:

        James Beard Foundation
        Award of Excellence

        2007 Finalist
        Best Asian Cookbook
        International Association of Culinary Professionals

        2007 Finalist Julia Child
        Best First Book

        2007 Finalist
        Best International Cookbook
        do i need another cookbook? i just might......

      2. alkapal - thanks again for another informative and chow inspiring post!

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        1. re: chicaraleigh

          you're welcome, chica! i am happy to pass on good finds!

        2. i like this seed company's site to look at lots of asian veggies and herbs. it's fun to play around on this site, and dream of a summer garden where you can go out, pick your herbs, and make a beautiful fresh summer salad! i can't wait!