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Mar 17, 2009 04:43 AM

London: Restaurants similar to Rules?

I am new to London (from NY). My uncle and aunt are visiting this week (from Sydney, Australia). They visit London at least once every couple of years and particularly asked me to book Rules Restaurant for the three of us. Unfortunately, Rules does not have a table in prime dinner time. Does anyone have other suggestions for a restaurant with similar pricing and ambience (and that I might be able to book at late notice of dinner this week)?

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  1. i've never been to rules but quo vadis looks like it's sort of similar?

    1. I'd suggest Corrigans though it is a little less formal (or stuffy, as I would tend to call it) - they have online booking so you can check easily. At the moment, it's probably a bit cheaper than Rules - but the best fo the game season is past

      1. A place that seems to go down well with American cousins looking for an authentic olde London experience is The Guinea Grill in Bruton Place. They do great pies and, well they should do, its been there since 1675!

        1. Simpsons in the Strand has a similar ambiance and food. Or the suggestion above of Corrigans would also be worth trying (it's a bit more modern than both Rules and Simpsons).

          1. Thank you for the advice. I made a booking at Corrigans.

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              except corrigans is nothing like rules, though it is more similar than say, wagamama!

              guinea grill is good, simpsons is even closer, and the most similar is probably wiltons.
              wiltons is in fact much better.

              they may enjoy corrigans, in fact I suspect they might, but it was at best, a surreal suggestion to you as a rules replacement.

              Rules is a bit of themed touristy restaurant, of the ye olde british ways. and actually does a pretty good job, but it is a particular experience and there are places similar and the majority not.

              1. re: batfink23

                I must agree that Corrigan's is has pretty much zero in common with Rules, and they will be sorely disappointed if they expect a Rules-like experience there. The menu reads more "homey" than the food actually is; I dined there last week, and my partner's chicken pie was sort of this deconstructed notion of a pie. Sure, there's game on the menu, but this is a thoroughly modern take on Irish/British food.