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Mar 17, 2009 12:55 AM

What is the strangest coffee maker you have come across?

I was just looking around for coffee makers and out of interest would like to know what are the "not so common" coffee makers that any of you folks have come across. It would be great if there are some photos too...

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  1. I came across and bought..the Moccamaster, a Dutch coffee maker that brews at a higher temperature than other commercial coffee makers. It does make better coffee than others I've used but it's rather more flimsy construction than you would expect.

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      Hi, is this the one by technivorm? I heard something about it too. Thanks for the information.

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        Technivorm is domestic not commercial, and its advantage is not that it brews at higher temps- higher temps are bad for many coffees.

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          "The Technivorm is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) to brew at the correct 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the water has to boil in order to leave the heater - there is no pump and water does not fall from top to bottom like some brewers - you know that the water coming out is the right temperature." (from technivorm site.)

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            Exactly- it brews at 200 instead of 212.

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              Which is 10-20 degrees **hotter** than most automatic drip coffeemakers, especially those that have seen a little use. Serious was correct - the advantage of the Technivorm is that it brews at higher temperatures than other automatic drip machines. If you doubt this, there's plenty of info at

      2. Called a Syphon. A vacuum concept.

        My parents used it when I was growing up. I found one at the Vermont Country Store catalog a few years ago and use it when I have time and guests.

        1. This Japanese cold drip system is pretty retro-futuristic.(I shot this photo at a local coffee place). Definitely not a home machine, though.

          I really like the Aeropress and use it everyday.

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            Also love my Aeropress. It's my travel coffeemaker and in summer it makes the best concentrate for iced coffee. I make a few presses and freeze or refrigerate them until needed.

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            1. Gotta be the Etienne Louis espresso machine. Designed by Carlo Borer, made by Saeco (Psycho?). Dominatrix barista in latex cat suit not incluaded.