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Mar 16, 2009 11:57 PM

Hungarian Association Dinner?

I've seen two posters at Fairmont Butcher shop, on different occasions, for a dinner of sorts, with drinks. It appears to be part of a Hungarian association and the dinner seems to be open to the public. I didn't yet ask the owner Joe about it, but was wondering if anyone here knows about them?

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  1. WHen you do find out about it, ASK IF THEY HAVE LUDLAB on the menu - they will sell out faster than Celine Dion!!!

    1. Do you recall where the dinners are held? I went to a couple as a kid that were held in a church basement/reception hall type of place. I wonder if they're related...

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      1. re: devilishlyj

        Not sure. I asked the wife and she thinks a church hall.
        I'll probably be by this week or next and bring it up with Joe. I meant to do this last time, but our conversation usually gets sidetracked with jokes, Italian vs. Hungarian charcuterie, and newer stories of crazies coming into his place, then he's busy with another customer.

        1. re: porker

          I happened to ask my mother who is Hungarian and she assumed it was the same kind we went to back in my Hungarian school/folk dancing days. If there is folk dancing, it's probably the ones I remember. They had some great sausages....

      2. Oooh! I have your answer...

        Dinner dance Saturday, March 21, 7pm.
        Ticket: w. supper $23
        without $10
        I think it might be too late to reserve for a supper, the deadline was March 15.

        There will be dance contest and my friend will be a judge (and doing some demos just before the contest)

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        1. re: Andria

          Thank you, Andria.
          Yeah, it might be too late, but can you supply more details?

          This is what I'm assuming; probably a fundraiser of sorts and probably food prepared privately by members.
          Meaning less flash and more homey and probably simple, basic hungarian cuisine, which is what we're interested in.
          We're not specifically looking for Hungarian cooking, but any type of ethnic cooking which can be as close to being invited into someone's home. These type of events sometimes allow for this.

          Any idea of the food, the location, etc etc.

          Maybe I won't make it this time around, but probably at a later date.


          1. re: porker

            I'll try to get info on the food tomorrow. For now, here is more:

            Hungária Társadalmi Klub
            3483 St. Lawrence Blvd 3. emelet
            Montreal, Que. H2X 2T8

            Telefon : 514-288-7966

            1. re: Andria

              Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

              1. re: porker

                It is not a fundraiser, simply an event in the Hungarian community. The members or cook of the social club will be making the food, so it is definitely homemade. The meal consists of chicken soup, meat with vegetables(I assume) and a dessert, not specified.

                If you, please report back!

                1. re: Andria

                  I am not available this week and am away for a coupla weeks after that, so I hope to attend sometime late april, early may, whenever theres another at that time.
                  I will definitely report back.
                  Once again, thanks for the info.

        2. I was in Fairmount today and noticed signs for some Octoberfest-themed Hungarian nights this weekend (yeah, I guess they do it too). Unfortunately, the big one seems to have been last night. Another one tonight and tomorrow. $35 each. That includes food (& band), but unclear if that includes drinks (the posters just said "full bar"). The poster for the event tomorrow night was Hungarian-only, I could only understand the date and general idea.

          Well, file it away for next year...

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          1. re: Shattered

            Hmm, are they trying to keep out the non-Hungarian riff-raff or something? :-/ Oh well, thx anyway for the heads-up.