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Mar 16, 2009 09:01 PM

rice pudding recipe with pre-cooked rice.

Was going to make rice salad. Have decided to try rice pud. Have 3 cups pre-cooked long-grain rice.

I'm at work for the next 2hrs and 2 mins, so you have that long to wow me with your "must cook" rice pud recipe.

Hit me with your best shot!

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  1. Quite a few stove top rice pudding recipes call for first cooking the rice in water (normal ratio), then adding the milk (1 to 2 times as much the water), and cooking until the rice is soft and pudding thickens. Sugar is added as well, but I don't think timing of that is important. Toward the end vanilla, butter, and/or beaten and tempered eggs are added for flavor and richness.

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    1. re: paulj

      Hmm.. I pretty much thought it would be something like that.

      My last run-in with a rice pud was back in the 70's.. my Mother's version.

      Utterly disgustingly inedible.

      I've skivved off it ever since.

      I was thinking of reconstituting the rice in coconut cream, adding some brown sugar and a custard of egg and vanilla and then swirling some chocolate bit thru it just before service.

      I am hoping for something more like a sweet risotto, rather than a pud, per se.

      1. re: purple goddess

        I've made Thai style black sticky rice pudding by adding sugar and coconut milk to cooked black rice. If the rice is already soupy, powdered coconut milk adds the flavor without adding more liquid.

        I've seen Italian sweet risotto recipes that essentially involve cooking short grain rice in milk (with a risotto like ratio) for 25 minutes, then adding sugar, fruit or chocolate flavoring items.

        1. re: paulj

          I know I'm being picky.. but my memories of my Mum's rice pudding are still freshly seared into my mind.

          I am looking for something that combines the flavour profile and creaminess of a Thai rice pud, with the consistency of a risotto.

          I'm going to use a little bit of advice from all quarters and see what I come up with!!

          I'll return tomorrow and let you know how it goes!

          1. re: paulj

            This is how my English mom made rice pudding: milk, pinch salt, sugar, cinnamon, NO eggs, baked in the oven with much stirring, like a risotto.

      2. I use leftover white or brown rice for rice pudding regularly.

        Basically, I make a vanilla custard base with 2 or 3 eggs, 2 c milk, whole or low fat; 2 tsp sugar, pinch salt, dash vanilla ext. or bean seeds, spinkle of cinnamon and fresh grated nutmeg, maybe some orange zest and a splash of brandy for fun.

        I lightly butter a 2 qt shallow baking dish, heat the rice in the microwave for 2 minutes, then pour the custard base over it, and put back in the microwave (you can use the oven too). Heat on med high for about 15 minutes, stirring in the sides to the middle every 3 to 4 minutes or so. (it'll take longer in the oven)

        Serve with a tiny pat of butter, and pour warm milk over the top.

        Comfort Food at its best.