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Mar 16, 2009 08:57 PM

Babu Catering and Take Outs in Markham

I noticed Babu opened up a location recently at McCowan and Bur Oak in Markham. Has anyone tried it? We drove pass it and it was packed! Went home and visted their website and looked at the menu. I have no clue what half the items are. Checked the gallery to check out the dishes but it didn't indicate what I was looking at.

I'm new to this type of cuisine and would love to try it.

Are there any recommendations on what I should order for beginners?

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  1. you can start with their appetizers: rolls, vadais, etc (listed under short eats). Their mutton curry and kothu roti are also quite good.

    thanks for the heads up about the new location!

    1. This restaurant is unbelievable...I haven't felt this compelled to offer a review since I ate at Pizzeria Libretto (dundas/ossington)...

      Although the Markham location is only take-out, pls do not let this steer you away from eating at this amazing restaurant.

      They have all kinds of dishes both Tamil and Indian. Dosais & sambars, and kothu roti's are all delicious. I tried a few meat dishes and they were all outstanding, exploding with flavour and spice. The mutton roast curry melted in my mouth and left me wanting more. They have all your classic vegetarian tamil and indian food as well. Dal makhni, kadhi, shahi paneer, mattar paneer. They even have chilli chicken, butter chicken, biryani and naans just to name a few! Overall the food is very spicy, I would recommend asking for moderately spicy dishes if you're sensitive to tamil or spicy style food.

      So long story drastically short, this place gets better because then you have to pay, almost nothing. On average each dish costs roughly $3. Today I had a lunch take out container with 2 meats, 2 veggies and rice + bottle Total was $6.69..

      I could write about this restaurant until my fingers go numb. This place is a must. Not only is the food outstanding, not only is it cheap as chips, this storefront is cleaner than clean, it is IMMACULATE.

      A must.

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        I second romeschica's comments. While I didn't understand what a lot of items were, I asked and was able to buy more than enough food for eight people for a grand total of $32.95! The food is delicious. If you're an early riser in the Markham area, you can go there at 5am when they start serving breakfast specials!!!!

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          Sorry. I meant munx's comments.

        2. you have to have the lamprie? It is a huge bannana leaf stuffed with rice , smelts , one curry dish and seven vegetarian dishes from the hot table. Absolutely delicious and only costs $ 7.99 -- Enough food for 2 people

          1. As the other poster mentioned, it is shockingly clean in there. They spent some serious money on making this takeout place look very presentable. The prices are more than reasonable (especially the lunch specials). As for the food itself, I know next to nothing about Tamil cuisine, but it tasted good to me.

            Couple negatives though: every now and then in various dishes, I would bite into something that is extremely fragrant. I'm not sure what it is, but it really interrupts the meal and it can be hard to avoid in some dishes. Also, the few times that my girlfriend and I ate there, the food didn't sit all too well in our stomachs. I'm not sure why. For what it's worth I regularly eat a lot of very spicy food.

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            1. re: CKN

              To CKN: the ingredients you are biting into that are extremely fragrant are most likely cloves or star anise. As in most asian cuisine these highly fragrant spices are thrown into the dishes whole instead of ground up as they would change the colour, or lose the presentation aspect. You can avoid these by quickly combing through your meal.

              As for your stomach, south asian cuisine is very high in spice and rich flavours like curry. It could be that your stomach is just not used to it, or the level of spice.

              Glad you gave it a try tho! I'm going there for lunch!!

              1. re: CKN

                I think your talking about cardamom's they usually appear in meat dishes which can throw off the consistent flavour of the curry.

                1. re: rapsrealm

                  def cardamom, i hate that stuff but it's needed to make the curries taste the way they do...

                  this place is awesome tho, i'm lankan and my fam goes there a fair bit, only thing i haven't had there is the lamprie, my mom used to do a little catering and her lamprie is the ish. no one really makes it authentically anymore, i'll have to try it out to give you guys some insight (i will try to be un-biased). there are certain rules that "lamprie" has to follow tho, if those rules aren't followed, then it's just rice and curry in a banana leaf.

                  anyone been to ten-ichi next door?