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Mar 16, 2009 08:38 PM

Portland to Walla Walla: Any good eats?

Any restaurant recs for halfway between Portland and Walla Walla? We'll be traveling that route during the first week of June. Not sure what route we'll take, but probably I-84, so we'd be looking at eating somwhere like the Dalles. (Mind you, I'm curious about the scenery along Hwy 14 in Washington...the road less traveled).

We're flexible and willing to travel out of the way for good eats. And we like virtually any kind of cuisine....Asian, Mexican, Italian, seafood, burgers, roadside food stands/carts/ name it....(as long as the food poisoning risk is LOW).

BTW, we will be looking for either brunch or lunch...will sup in Walla Walla that night. And we'll be traveling on a weekday, most likely Wednesday.

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  1. OK...I've been in your shoes. We completely stumbled upon a pretty great Mexican restaurant called La Serenata in Boardman, OR while doing the same drive. The place is nothing to look at from the outside, in fact it looks like a dump. However, the food was a great surprise and we ended up hitting it on the way back to PDX as well.

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    1. I have never eaten brunch on that drive, but being from the eastern side of the state, making the "I84 hustle" to PDX is something we easterners get to do a lot.
      coming from PDX I would recommend Celilo or Full Sail Brewery in Hood River or Baldwin Saloon in The Dalles. Oh, pick up some coffee at Holstein's in the dalles. good stuff there.

      Beyond the dalles headed east, your options go way down hill so I would recommend eating somewhere before you go past.

      As far as walla-walla goes, I would recommend Brasserie Four if you like french food. Saffron mediterranean kitchen for guessed it. Whitehouse Crawford for High-End Northwesty cuisine. Also, drive 15 minutes up to Waitsburg, WA and give Whoopemup hollow cafe a shot for some authentic cajun fare and a place owned by a fella named Jim German; aptly named JimGermanBar. Great classical cocktails and stellar bar food. they make a great duck confit.