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Mar 16, 2009 08:23 PM

your favourite food...too hard a question?

whats your favourite food? do you have a reply you use if someone asks you, or do you think its too hard to answer? my favourite food since i was practactly a baby is musubi rice triangles with umeboshi paste inside and second fav is marinated artichokes.
this is not to say i don't really love a few things and have favourite dishes that i feel like more often than others but if someone asks i say these, so my question is what do you say when someone asks you this seemingly simple question and is it answerable in your opinion?

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  1. My go to answer is lamb chops. But faced with being on an island for 20 years, would I want lamb chops every day? And honestly, would I want to be alone with that many sheep. It's a tough call because I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day, and I love corned beef hash...and I don't even need homemade. I'll take the canned stuff. I have a harder time giving up potato chips when dieting, so maybe that is my favorite food, plsu there are som many varieties, I'd never get tired of eating them. Of course a nice piece of tuna (sashimi) is always a winner, but would I want that all the time. I never get tired of a good bleu or goat cheese, so maybe that's my favorite.

    You know what, gun to my head, on an island, last meal on death row. Give me a nice plate of lamb chops, salt, pepper, rosemary, cooked medium rare. Yeah it's my favorite...pretty simple!

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      cool answer makes it very final the whole gun to your head and thanks to everyone who answered

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I'm with Ruth. Too hard. I don't have an answer.

      2. Easy......Canadian Rye Whisky
        One of the three major food groups :-)

        Kidding aside, yes it's too hard to answer because I'm sure we all have many things we like way too much.

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        1. re: billieboy

          I prefer single malt, neat.

          As far as a favorite food goes... I couldn't pick one.

          1. re: billieboy

            a good blended bourbon thank you :)

            And I can honestly say stone crab is my favorite all time food.

          2. Very easy to answer: bo lo mien bao. Translated from the Chinese as "pineapple buns," these are sweet rolls not at all pineapple-flavored but named for the crackly crust on top and filled with pastry cream. These have been my favorite food since I was two years old, my mother tells me. I could eat them every day for every meal and not get enough.

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            1. re: browniebaker

              just like me with my msubi triangles i could never get enough when i was little and now, thanks for the replies everyone :-)

              1. re: browniebaker

                sounds yummy, but it's hard to find a recipe for it

              2. Chocolate milk. That counts right? And if I'm on a desert island is it cheating to heat it up once in awhile to turn it into hot chocolate?

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                1. re: givemecarbs

                  chocolate milk is definetly in my list of favourite beverages, when i was seven i spent three weeks drinking nothing (really nothing) but chocolate sustegen (in milk despite the whole no dairy when your sick thing)