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Mar 16, 2009 07:27 PM

Tucson for Passover

We'll be in Tucson, AZ for some of Passover.
Any helpful hints on the best stores or delis to pick up some food & wine?

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  1. No replies at all!?! Well, I'm still searching for a source for good kosher wine here in Tucson. If I find anything, I'll post back. But in the meantime, in case you still need info, you should be able to get decent stuff at Rincon Market, at 5th & Tucson. Also, there's 5th Street Kosher Market & Deli-- I've not yet tried it, it used to be Feig's-- at 5th & Rosemont.

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      mscaroline, thanks for the tips, we managed to get everything needed. It was a scrumptious meal. My FIL is a great cook and has now ruined us for future Passover Seders. (and this was his first K for P meal!)
      We usually go on line to find our KP wines. I think AZ may restrict internet wine purchases, but a local wine shop might be able to order something for you.
      Enjoy the rest of the Holiday!