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Mar 16, 2009 07:02 PM

Must-try restaurants near Omni Parker House?

Next month I'll be staying in Boston at the Omni Parker House for a conference. I'm originally from NYC but I've been living in northern New England for way too long and I'm very anxious to get out into the city and EAT! I'd like some restaurant/bar recommendations that are in walking distance of the hotel. I don't need upscale and fancy--I'm an adventurous eater and a former food writer who loves a great atmosphere, creative menu, and just about any kind of cuisine--just nothing stodgy, fancy or touristy. Many, many thanks.

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  1. The bar at KO Prime is fun, lots of reports on No. 9 Park, Marliave has both a casual bar area and fancier upstairs dining room, Silvertone for very casual home cooking w/ good wine list,Teatro for great italian in a loud atmosphere. Penang for Malayasian plus tons of stuff in Chinatown. In Beacon Hill there's 75 Chestnut for a neighborhood feel and the Paramount for good self serve breakfast and lunch (and has dinner service later on). Lots of posts on the North End which is a short walk away.

    1. Make sure to hit the Chacarero around the corner for Chilean sandwiches. Get the BBQ spicy - small is more than enough for lunch.

      Really excellent falafel sandwiches at Falafel King on the Winter Street mall - just two doors down on the left from Tremont Street. Go past the take-out chinese and the cell phone retailer on the left, to the back.

      For high end, also consider Mooo... a fancy steak place on Beacon St.

      Lala Rokh - touted as good Persian food just a bit further down the street.

      Oh yeah, O Ya is within walking distance too - super-high end sushi - might be able to get a single seat.

      1. The North End is very walkable from the Parker House, particularly in April. Check out the posts about Neptune Oyster, Pizzeria Regina, Prezza, and other North End gems.

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          I will second some recommendations above: Marliave is a very nice restaurant within one block of your hotel. The Falafel King is very good, and Chacarero is a wonderful, slightly different, sandwich place. I say start with the small chicken sandwich, with everything on it. You are not that far from Chinatown, either. Oh, and while it's a chain, I think it's very good, especially for lunch -- Houston's, which is located just in front of Faneuil Hall (about 2 blocks from your hotel).

          1. re: Lucymax

            These are all GREAT suggestions thus far. Thank you SO much!

            Would Chacarero be a good place to pick up some sandwiches to eat outside during our lunch break? (That small chicken sandwich sounds great!)

            Also, any recommendations for a late-night kind of place for wine/drinks, food and possibly music?

            I'm looking forward to exploring the restaurants in the city as much if not more than I am this conference! Thank you again.

            1. re: westerleigh

              Chac is good for take out, that's all it used to be up until a couple years ago.

              Silvertone definitely has a late night vibe but no music. You might want to go to Central Sq. Cambridge for that, a few stops on the Red Line. There's 1) Middlesex Lounge, 2) Central Kitchen/Enormous Room, and 3) Middle East rest/bar and Zuzu all in one building. Green St. is a street away and is fun, but no live music. A little walk away is the Plough & Stars, cute tiny place w/ good food and all sorts of live music.

              1. re: westerleigh

                Chacarero would be a most excellent place to pick up sandwiches to eat outside!

                I've been working on a map to help guide me when I have a location-based inquiry such as yours: (In truth, I'm trying to make some room in my brain by clearing out the section that is stuffed with restaurant ideas.


                It's still in progress, and I haven't had time to put in many descriptions, but I hope it will help with your research. Another caveat: I'm a vegetarian, so have for the most part avoided including steakhouses and the like.

                1. re: edamame

                  Thank you, I'm not much of a meat eater myself, so your recommendations are extremely helpful!

                2. re: westerleigh

                  Les Zygomates is not too far away...down by South Station. They would fit the bill for late night food and music. They have live jazz every night (no cover), decent food and a great wine list:


                  Not sure how late they serve food, but music until midnight most nights.

                  1. re: westerleigh

                    Some Chacarero advice, assuming you've never been before:

                    The basic sandwich is chicken and/or beef with muenster cheese, fresh tomatoes, steamed green beans, salt, pepper, homemade hot sauce, and avocado spread on wonderful homemade bread.

                    Although it may sound like a weird sandwich, unless there is an ingredient you affirmatively do not like, I (and most of us) encourage you to order it with everything (or, if you particularly like spicy food, order it "extra hot," in which case a second, spicier hot sauce is added).

                    First you stand in line to pay for your sandwich. It's at this point that you'll indicate whether you want a small or large, and whether you want chicken, beef, combo, bbq chicken, bbq beef, bbq combo, or vegetarian. The bbq sandwiches are the same as the regular ones, except that the meat is seasoned (not bbq in the American sense) and grilled sweet peppers are added to the sandwich. I've always been a chicken or beef guy (non-bbq) myself, but others clearly have different preferences.

                    After you pay, you are handed a receipt and you follow the line to where you pick up your sandwich. It's at this point that the people behind the counter will ask how you want your sandwich. An appropriate response is a simple "everything," or "everything, extra hot."

                    Note that the line can get long at lunch time, but it moves fairly well. Also, while a small is plenty big for most people, if you have a particularly big appetite, there's nothing wrong with spending the $1 extra for a large! Also note that Chacarero has two locations. The Provence Street location is the one closer to the Omni. Also, next to the Provence Street location is Sam Lagrassa's, an excellent deli from which you might want to grab a sandwich on a different day.

                    1. re: Blumie

                      Oh, my goodness... You guys are SO great! If anyone ever needs recommendations for Burlington, Vermont, or Montreal, please let me know! I'm so hungry right now for that sandwich...

              2. Many thanks to everyone who took time to reply to my query last month! Having just returned from a great trip to Boston, I wanted to let you all know that Chacarero was FANTASTIC! Silvertone filled the bill the first night, and I ended up at Sorriso, which seems to be the sister restaurant to Les Zygomates, on the second night. Sorriso's food and service were very good, and I thought it was quite reasonably priced, so I was pretty surprised to see it almost completely empty at 7:30 on a Tuesday night. Is that typical?

                I had two opportunities to get sandwiches from Pressed Sandwiches, and I thought they were delicious and a bargain.

                I can't wait to get back to Boston for some more chances to eat. Thank you all again.

                1. Silvertone is my 'Cheers.' Go have the mac n' cheese. Run... don't walk! :)