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Mar 16, 2009 06:58 PM

Private Room in Dallas area for 30th Birthday Party

I am trying to host a 30th birthday dinner for a friend for about 15-20 people and would like a private room. It could be anywhere from Oak Cliff to N. Dallas. I would like the food to be pretty good and be around $35/person not including drinks (some place not too upscale and not too casual). I have come up with only 2 places: The Grape (but seems too romantic althoug food's good) or Tillman's Roadhouse (haven't been but heard good things &private room looks great). I would greatly appreaciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Btw this is my very 1st post. Not sure if it's okay...suggestions & comments will be appreciated!

    1. Sevy's is a good choice in North Dallas; has a private room and a menu of variety; chef owned.
      St. Martin's on Greenville, nice private room, very reasonable menu; excellent private room service for your party; and in the Greenville neighborhood. Nice combination.

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      1. re: ldascha

        I've heard of Sevy's but never been. I'll take a look at both. Thanks so much for the suggestions.

      2. Try Newport's Seafood.

        We had a birthday party for my wife there a couple of years back and had a great time. They have a private room and will work with you on various options for price.

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        1. re: bdunk11

          Thanks! I didn't even know this restaurant existed. I live pretty close to it...can't believe I haven't been. I'll check it out.

          1. re: Dallas Alice

            Not too far from Dallas, but chamberlain's fish market has a couple of different sized private rooms. LOVE that place, never had a bad experience and always great food

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              I'll second Chamberlain's fish market in Addison. Nice place.

          2. Hi! Welcome to the board. Steel has a private room. Though, it is pricey. Tillman's is pretty good, but can be noisy. Bread Winner's in Uptown can section off an area for you. This is my own preference, but I tend to go ethnic. I think El Ranchito on Jefferson would be so much fun. It totally depends on what you want. Let us know and we will keep the suggestions rolling...

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              I really wanted to do Tillman's, but it didn't work out after all. Thank u for the suggestions. I decided to go with Celebration Restaurant. I have called so many places and stressed too much about it. In the end, i chose someplace low key and comfortable. I really appreciate all the suggestions jindomommy!