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Mar 16, 2009 06:47 PM

chicken feet for soup

I've been looking all over for chicken feet. We live in NJ but will travel for Passover shopping. Does anyone know where they sell kosher chicken feet?

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  1. i was going to suggest Chinatown - you can definitely get them there...but they're not gonna be kosher for Passover! ;) seriously though, any kosher butcher should be able to oblige you.

    1. My grandmother used to use them in the soup. I believe I saw it in the freezer at Rockland Kosher Supermarket in Monsey. Call them and ask for the butcher. If you're in Northern NJ, it's a doable trip.

      1. You have to special order it from a butcher. Try calling Best Glatt in Teaneck (201) 801-0444. I did this a few years and was a little shocked on the price...ask before you order.

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        1. re: vallevin

          I know best glatt has them in his freezer during the year.

          Best Glatt is a little pricey.

          I didnt notice how much they were...let me know.

          1. re: KosherChef

            looks like Best Glatt is going to be fielding a lot of CH requests today - i was just about to call them to see if they have any GF matzo in stock!

            are they pricey for everything, or just meats?

        2. I've bought them in the last few months at Gormet Glatt in the 5 towns

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          1. re: bubbyrebecka

            We have always bought them at Gourmet Glatt in the 5 Towns (border of Queens and Long Island, New York). A couple of weeks ago I spotted them at Pomegranate in Brooklyn, NY.

            Not only does Gourmet Glatt offer fresh chicken feet... there were also several packages of fresh "turkey tushies" (yes, they were labeled that way). Makes me want to become a vegetarian. Almost.