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best pub fish & chips around east village/stuytown?

just have a hankering...beer battered would be the best, and not too greasy, if possible...thanks in advance!

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  1. Haven't been there in a while, but i used to like the fish&chips at St.Dymphna's on St.Marks, near Ave.A

    in the avoid category: i recently had the fish and chips at the Half King on 23rd St...i remember liking the fish there in the past, but this time it was truly wretched: incredibly tough, like soggy breaded rawhide...

      1. Molly's on 2nd ave and 22nd st.

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          2nd Mollys. May be the best in the city.

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            3rd molly's just had their fish & chips last Thursday at the bar. Consistently great.

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            Just a note, Molly's is on 3rd Avenue and 22nd.

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              good catch.... i need to start paying attention to what i type

          3. Puck Fair (fare?) does good fish, with meh chips

            1. sweet...thanks for the recs everyone...i hope to be hitting molly's today whoo hooo! happy st. paddy's to all...

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                You're going to an Irish Pub today and expect to be able to get food!? Please report back. Molly's is fantastic and they pour a mean Guinness as well.

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                  You cannot get food at Mollys today. In fact you cant get in the front door.

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                    yeah really what was i thinking lol...couldn't even get in the front door as princeofpork said...maybe if we had gone earlier. but i do know they were serving them, and i bet they were about $15. man, the prices of food get so jacked up, unless that's how much they normally are. i know shepherd's pie was almost $20! anyway, if you wanna laugh, my friend and i ended up at bbq down in the village, and it actually wasnt too bad. i had the shrimp platter, and it was decent for $10, w/ a decent serving of fries and a nice dos equis to wash it down (the cornbread was pretty unmemorable though). oh well, guess ill have to hit molly's another time!

                2. I love the cod fish and chips at Assault and Battery. I like that place better than St. Dymphnas

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                    Too bad the A Salt and Battery in the East Village closed down years ago.

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                      Oh no! But do they still have the store in Greenwich st?

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                        Yes! My favorite fish & chips in Manhattan, hands down. Most are sad excuses for real fish & chips (anywhere that serves it with tartar sauce, for instance.)

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                          If memory serves me, A Salt and Battery serve a tartar sauce.

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                          Yes, but the OP was asking for f&c's in the East Village Stuytown area.

                    2. I really enjoyed the Fish & Chips at Butcher Bay. They were not greasy at all, but I couldn't tell you if they were beer battered.

                      Butcher Bay
                      511 E 5th St, New York, NY 10009

                      1. I've enjoyed them before at Waterfront Ale House and Tavern on Jane