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Mar 16, 2009 06:05 PM

Fish Tacos...Tavares??? yep

My friend just let me know about this place opening up on the 27th, a friend of his owns it

MexiCali Grill

What do you guys think? Too good to be true?

MexiCali Grill
Tavares, FL, Tavares, FL

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  1. Looks cool,,they don't list their prices and the menu is quite limited. Tavares needs everything they can get though. if their prices are right,,it might go over. This could be just a lunch spot too,, lot of places don't seem to make it for dinner in Tavares. I love flame grilled burgers!!

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    1. re: mountdorahound

      yeah, exactly, nothin really goin on in Tavares,

      according to the site they'll be open only Thurs-Sat at night. I think those are the prices to the left

      looks interesting to say the least....

    2. My husband and I will check it out for sure. We aren't far from Tavares, and are usually up for something new. I especially like the casual aspect and the price point of this place. We'll meetcha there!

      1. I found this thread by searching for my own site on google- cool site:

        I'm the owner of MexiCali and I just wanted to say hello.

        I'm only open 5PM-12Am Thurs-Fri like my website says. I feel like our options on the menu are very different than anything currently offered in the area, and the reason the menu is limited is due to the fact that I too am a chowhound, and if I can't do something exactly how I want to, I won't do it at all.

        Our test openings have gone great and we'll be open this weekend the 27th at 5. We operate inside of Gracie's but we have a totally separate menu and decor. Later on we will be open more nights of the week.

        Any questions, feel free to ask me here. I'm not trying to advertise here or anything, but just thought I'd join the community!

        1. It's true.

          We went and tried: fish taco, shrimp taco, steak taco, plantains, black beans.

          Fish taco was good, lightly battered and fried chunks of fish, topped with a citrusy slaw and guac combo. Shrimp was prepared the same way, I would have preferred the shrimp un-battered, it tasted just like the fish (not bad- just could not taste 'shrimp')
          Steak was tender and juicy.

          The sides were just ok... here's the magical part: his burger was outstanding!

          He brought one to us to try- he refers to it as 'kind of like a slider' because it's a bit on the smaller scale (to me it was the perfect size) - I didn't ask for any secrets- but that beef was perfectly cooked, very juicy, full of flavor and I want another one soon... Bun was just the right size and texture, it all worked well.

          We are going back, and bringing my burger-loving nephew!

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          1. re: Boccone Dolce

            Thanks for the review, I'm checking it out tonight. Maybe I'll ask for the shrimp grilled.

            1. re: Boccone Dolce

              It is true!

              My wife and I shared some items including the Fish Taco, Steak Taco, The Anaheim Chile Taco, The Burger the Black Beans, and Jicama.

              I thought the fish taco was the best I've had on the east coast. The only thing was that it was on a flour tortilla instead of traditional corn. However, the tortilla taste and consistency were very good. You could tell they were made with manteca.

              We originally asked for the shrimp taco(which they would've grilled) in place of the steak, but our waitress let us know that the steak was grilled over mesquite that night and we had to get it. It was very good, and the mesquite taste was pretty strong, which I like. The steak was juicy and the salsa was a good match.

              The anaheim chile taco is something I haven't had before. I've had roasted chiles but never in a taco. It was a treat. It came with melted cheese inside and salsa as well as sour cream. It wasn't very spicy but just right. It was an entire roasted anaheim chile

              As for the burger, wow. All I can say is, I want another one. It wasn't huge, but it was full of flavor. It had 2 patties with cheese on each, and it came with sauces and veggies, all on a toasted bun. This was very good...

              The black beans were good and they had queso fresco on top. They weren't bad or anything, just normal black beans.

              The Jicama was good though. I liked the light and tangy taste. It was prepared with some kind of white sauce and some lime. I really liked this because I've had and enjoyed Jicama before. My wife liked it ok but was unfamiliar with Jicama, so she didn't appreciate it as much.

              I'll definitely be back. We went pretty late, 10 PM on a Saturday, and they were still open. Not many people were there, but I guess it's there first weekend open.