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Mar 16, 2009 05:45 PM

Plaza Azteca in Plymouth Meeting

We just got home from Plaza Azteca in Plymouth Meeting and I'm glad to have some sort of Mexican food in the neighborhood. Plaza Azteca is a 6 or so unit Mexican restaurant out of Virginia. They opened in the closed down Macaroni Grill on Plymouth Road. They've only been open since Friday so I gave them the benefit of the doubt but I thought the food was decent. We will be going back. Hopefully the place gets supported and stays around.

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  1. Den,
    Thanks for the report, it would be nice to have another mexican option in the area! I hope they do well. How were the prices?

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    1. Checked it out this weekend and I'd go back. My wife got a plate of fajita that's going to be good for 2 lunches and my burrito was the length of the oval platter - they aren't cheaping out on portion sizes. I thought both were very good. Total for both of those was $19 and change.

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        Wow. I am relieved to hear the positive feedback. My sister ate there Friday night and hated it. I mean she wouldn't stop ranting about how bad she thought the food was. They also are BYO and never told them even after they ordered margaritas. We love mexican food and were hoping for a good new spot. HAs anyone been to the new place in West Conshohocken?

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          A colleague just told me they were there this weekend and the food was great and cheap. They did mention that the liqor license was not in effect until maybe today so that is why they were not allowed to serve alcohol yet.

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              I don't know the name but I drove by it saturday on my way to Baggatway Tavern. It's in the location right by the McDonalds at the base of the bridge and used to be Bergey's and several other places.

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                ahh, I found it. It's called Chiquita Loco.

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                  Don't fool yourself. Chiquita Loco is about as authentic as Taco Bell. It's the same sports bar that keeps re-inventing itself by changing the name, and adding a taco or two to the menu. Great place for watching sports events and having wings and a beer, but definitely won't satisfy your Mexican craving.

        2. We tried Plaza Azteca early Saturday evening (had to be home in time for the Villanova game!) Sat at a bar table and asked the bartender to put the early NCAA game on which they did. The guac was good. The chips also came with salsa and another unknown sauce that was great. I had some mexican beers while my wife liked their frozen margaritas. I had lobster enchiladas that were under $10 and pretty good. They were covered in queso which is not healthy but tastes great! My wife had some kind of chimichanga which was good. We finished it up with fried ice cream. I hope this place stays in business. Dinner for 2 with guac, 4 drinks and 1 dessert was probbaly $50!

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            Sounds awesome! Is it right across from Plymouth Meeting Mall?

            1. re: givemecarbs

              It's on Plymouth Road in the old Macaroni Grill.

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              The unknown sauce is actually just ranch. My husband and I really enjoyed the salsa though... just spicy enough for our taste. Yum!

              On another note, I have been asking them to combine smoothie flavors. I think I was the first one to ask because they had never done it before. I am addicted to combining their strawberry & peach smoothies... mmm mmm good! You could really mix & match their other flavors as well.

              Plaze Azteca is our new favorite Mexican restaurant. We hope it does well & stays in business!

            3. Thanks all for the great reviews. We tried this resto tonight and it was terrific! I had the pollo asada and my husband had one of the combo meals. I had a margarita, which was HUGE, and the total was just over $30.
              we will be back! :)

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              1. re: jujuthomas

                Does anyone remember if there were vegetarian items on the menu? Cheese and eggs are OK, meat, fish, pork, poultry are not. Some Mexican restaurants have a spinach and cheese quesadilla or veggie fajitas or something else veg. friendly. I couldn't find a menu online. Thanks!

                1. re: restless

                  I just looked at their online menu and there was a section for Vegetarians.


                  1. re: TwoBellies

                    Anyone tried the fish tacos there yet? i'm going tonight and thinking about trying them... :)

              2. Based on the glowing recommendations from this board, I thought that Plaza Azteca would be the perfect spot for dinner with our teenage sons. The good news--it is cheap, and the portions are very large. The bad news--the food (and drink--my margarita was awful!). The only thing I liked was the chips and salsa. To be fair, my sons were perfectly content with the meal. For what it's worth, I think that the food is a whole lot better at Baja Fresh.

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                  Took the wife to Plaza Azteca Saturday night and thought the food was very good.

                  The chips were okay (could have used more salt for my taste) as was the salsa. I would certainly prefer a couple of salsa options instead of ranch dressing.

                  The toritlla soup was excellent (also huge, we both ordered one and when they came we asked to have one put in to go containers. To put it into perspective, one order filled two to-go soup containers!).

                  We then split the Burrito San Jose (chicken, chorizo, rice, beans) and the lobster enchiladas. Both were very good, but I personally preferred the burrito.

                  The margaritas on the other hand left something to be desired. IMO they tasted straight out of a ready mix bottle instead of being made fresh.

                  The service seemed a bit unattentive.

                  In the end, it was $55. While I wasn't blown away (not that I was expecting to be) I didn't leave there unhappy either. I'd probably give it another go the next time I'm in the mood for Mexican (once in a blue moon).