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Mar 16, 2009 05:38 PM

JG for dinner for the non-seafood eater

I can't eat fish or seafood. JG has been pretty accommodating for lunch but I was wondering how dinner would be. How is their menu arranged? Is it like lunch? Is it daily? Can you make requests? Amount of courses? Do they have a truffle course?

Is dinner worth it there if you can't eat fish and seafood?

Is there a wine pairing?

What's the general atmosphere like? What should i expect? How long does the meal take?

Like I said, I've eaten lunch there dozens of times, but never dinner.


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  1. I think the menu does not change (much?) between lunch and dinner - though it costs like 3 times as much.

    1. why not start by looking at the menu? it's on the website...

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          When I went to Jean Georges in December, the menus pretty much matched up to what was on the web site with 2-3 exceptions.

        2. At dinner, there are two 6-course tasting menus. Neither would work for you since both contain quite a number of fish and seafood dishes. However, the 3-course prix-fixe should not pose a problem because you get to choose from that menu. True, there is an over-abundance of fish and seafood dishes on the apps menu, but there are a few other options. When it comes to the main course, you have plenty of non-fish/seafood things to choose from -- duck, rabbit, lamb, squab, and beef.

          The food's excellent, so why would dinner not be worth it?

          You can certainly pair your wines. In fact, I don't drink and that's usually what my husband does wherever we dine.

          The atmosphere in the evening is low-key and civilized.

          A well-paced 3-course meal served to two diners should take about 2 hours.

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            Thanks! Do you know if they have any truffle courses? Or can you recommend any restaurants that do (other than Per Se NY)?

            1. re: cmm3

              I don't know if J.G. has a specific truffle course. However, if it's truffles you're seeking, you should go asap to Veritas, where the French cuisine is superb, and nearly every course on the current menu includes truffles.


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                Thanks. Any other suggestions?