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Mar 16, 2009 05:27 PM

Farewell to Minnesota tour

So... we're leaving Minneapolis for Los Angeles this summer. (Job reasons. Darn this recession/depression.) It's a good move in many ways, but we'll miss Minnesota.

Obviously, we're not exactly going to the chow-hinterlands. There will be plenty of great restaurants and food finds out there. The year-round farmer's markets alone are making me salivate.

However, here's my question. If you had just a few months left in Minnesota, where/what would you want to eat on a farewell tour? Your top five, please...

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  1. Pizza Nea, Nye's Polanaise, Cafe Maude, White Castle, Sample Room.

    1. Lucia's, The Nook, I Nonni, Punch Pizza, Modern Cafe

      1. Heartland, The Nook, Alma, for sure. These didnt take me two second to come up with. Could you double up on hearland and alma for a total of five?

        In all seriousness, your thousand hills beef is just gonna be 2000 miles farther from home in LA, so maybe the strip club? Id also say you should either eat some vietnamese or ethiopian or maybe hit up bangkok thai deli, though none of those foods will be all that hard to find (i think of those options bkk thai deli would be my choice because it could possibly compete with thaitown la food, but then again i dont know how close to fairfax you will be living, so i might go with ethiopian).

        Oh, also, please please please enjoy a Langer's Pastrami sandwich for me. Please.

        Edit: since i see youre not leaving till summer, though the food isnt particularly "minnesota" id do a barbette meal outside in the summer when the people watching is good, not that there wont be any tight pants, ironic sunglasses or vaguely ethnic scarves to be scene in la :)

        1. Heartland, Cafe Levain, Colossal Cafe for breakfast, Alma, and wherever Don Saunders ends up..

          1. Craftsman, Common Roots if they have a burger on the menu (they do right now), Quang, Fasika, Dulono's

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              oh man, im hoping you suggested five as a limit to keep the thread tidy, and not because you'll only get to hit five of these before your gone. Craftsman, colossal, are obvious omissions on my part - Al's maybe, too? I will agree, as well, that Quang, Fasika and Dulono's are iconic representational foodstuffs, but i've never cared for Dulono's pizza, and I think you'd be able to find equally good to better examples of vietnamese and ethiopian when you move. In this vein i think that loc ocampo is one of the better taquerias ive enjoyed, but im not sure i would go there before moving back to california -- maye i would, who am i kidding.

              Its interesting that with the common roots comment above, plus craftsman and the nook it would seem that hamburgers represent a significant minnesota food. I think its a good symbol of the cities, especially when rounded out with some excellent immigrant ethnic cuisines.

              1. re: tex.s.toast

                Dulono's is hands down my favorite pizza in Minnesota and it will not be replicated outside of Minnesota. If you don't like Dulono's feel free to replace it with any other square cut, thin crust pizza joint. You will not be able to get it in CA.

                Also, the beef in CA will not compare to the beef here. They may produce a lot of beef out there, but it doesn't compare to what we have here.