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Mar 16, 2009 04:41 PM

ISO Pre-Opera Downtown Restaurant for Early Saturday Dinner

I very much wanted to go to Drago Centro, but it opens at 5:30. The show starts at 6:30 so that won't cut it.
Do you have any suggestions for a nice dinner at a restaurant in the downtown LA vicinity that opens at 5 or earlier?
I'm open to all food types.


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  1. The Pacific Dining Car is 24/7 and has a shuttle for music/theatre. Its expensive but very good traditional steak house fare.

    1. Wait! What opera? Which Downtown? LA Opera has nothing that evening. Alvin Ailey Dance will be at the Chandler. If that's where you're going and you're still looking for something in that area and want to avoid parking/shuttle delays, I can recommend Kendall's Brasserie just below the Plaza. Opens for Dinner following the Matinee Exodus around 3:30pm. If you're talking about another downtown and another opera however... ?

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        Agree with above. No LA Opera productions on March 21, 2009. Check your ticket(s).

        1. re: J.L.

          He didn't say which Saturday. If the curtain goes up at 6:30, the show is either Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney or Wagner. I'm guessing the latter, because Die Walk├╝re has two Saturday performances in April.

          My preference is always to have a light snack beforehand and then a substantial dinner afterward. The Pacific Dining Car would do for either or both, since they serve tea until 5:30 every day and dinner and breakfast around the clock. Have tea, jump on their shuttle to the Music Center, then return later for a steak or prime rib. As always at PDC, keep it very simple and state your needs clearly, and you can have a fine if rather expensive meal.

        1. Patina opens at 5 PM on Saturdays :)
          Should be very much in line with the types of food at Drago Centro. Probably better ...


          1. I prefer Water Grill (which also opens @ 17:00 on Saturdays) over Patina.

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              Thanks for your suggestions. The show is on April 4th.