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Mar 16, 2009 04:30 PM

Lunch in Canton, OH??

Looking for a place for lunch for 4 ladies "of a certain age" who are planning to go to the Canton Museum of Art on a Wednesday and want to eat lunch before heading back to the eastern suburbs of Cleveland. At least one is a vegetarian. Earlier postings lead us to Bender's Tavern, Hazel Artisan Bakery, and a Gyro place about 1.5 miles from the museum. Has anyone been to any of these locations?? Would they be appropriate??

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  1. Benders is always very good. I don't know about the bakery or a gyro place, but you might also consider Johns bar that is a mile or so up Cleveland ave from the museum. Lindsey's on Tuscarawas is a good diner.

    MadGreek lives in Canton, so I hope that he posts.

    1. We ate at Bender's Tavern this afternoon and had a very good experience. We each ordered something different (1 fish, 2 different salads, and 1 quiche) - all the ladies were happy and the rolls were especially delicious. By the way, if you're at Benders before April 26, do yourself a favor and visit the Art Museum's "Kimono as Art" exhibit which is fabulous.

      1. Solonsal,

        We are also going to the Canton Musuem of Art April 25th and was looking for a lunch place. Did any of these suggestions help you?

        1. Lunch on Saturday in Canton, OH

          Going to the Canton Art Museum and can't seem to find a decent restaurant for lunch in its vicinity. Can anyone help?

          1. Sorry.....going on a SATURDAY!

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              I don't know if Benders is open on Saturdays - but we had a very good lunch there last week. There were 4 of us and we were all happy with our meals. White tablecloths - good service (although we 60-somethings were not thrilled to be greeted as "Girls"- but that's a small quibble). Lunch entrees were in the $8-$10 range - and featured a creative list of daily specials. See Bender's website for their menus.