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Mar 16, 2009 04:18 PM

Torrance lunch options?

I just started a new job in Torrance. I'm looking for non-chain lunch options. I'm open to all types of cuisines, no dietary restrictions. I found a nice little pho place off the freeway, but so far that's it.

Are there even any decent chains nearby like In N Out, Baja Fresh, La Salsa. So far, all I've seen is a fast food nation nightmare.


I'm on the Toyota campus, but willing to drive a reasonable distance.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. what part of Torrance do you work at.. I have a few spots to chime in..

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      1. re: Foodandwine

        toyota campus. 190th and western basically. i'm willing to drive a reasonable distance for something good (like 15 min RT) or further for something great. Thank you!!!
        I'd really love to find great inexpensive stuff like pho or taco trucks, but i'll take whatever i can get.

        1. re: FamousBlueRaincoat

          There is a taco truck at Vermont and PCH- NE corner. Pho is going to be further especially in the lunch time traffic. There are gazillions of Japanese restos that have been reviewed here including places with traditional soups- I am sure someone else will chime in.

          1. re: torty

            That truck which is Yellow is very good. My son and I ate there last week. Each had 1 Asada, 1 carnitas, 1 Pastor. all very good ask for the grilled onions and jalepenos..

      2. Are you familiar with the search function here? It works...

        1. You can start with Mitsuwa and its ramen and other items, which you can find by going south on Western. (which I'm actually gonna go get in an hour! hurrah!) There's also Sanuki no Sato and Asa Ramen which is in a plaza north on Western and past the 405 (I forget my streets). Then there's also a King's Hawaiian with a semi-decent selection, but I like their bakery way more than their restaurant.

          In N Out is a bit far. You'd go south on Western and make a left on Carson and you go down quite a bit. Speaking of which, on that intersection, there's a cool Mexican place called Taco Sinaloa.

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            King's Hawaiin place is called "Local Place," its on Western Ave. (on the edge of Gardena) just north of the 405 freeway on the west side of the street. Limited Hawaiin stuff like teriyaki rice bowls, salads, soups, Hawaiian style (mochi flour) fried chicken, spam musubi, and good pastries.

            The Local Place
            18605 S Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90248

            1. re: kainzero

              Great start Artesia and Western and East to the FWY has many places. There is a good Korean place that does bento type lunch plates its across the street from the sasuage company that I had read here that is going out of business ( some one help on the name please ) Many asian places in general and the Burnt Tortilla is not bad too..

                  1. re: monku

                    okay in a strip mall across the street from Eschbach ( thanks monku ) there is a korean place that serves up a nice lunch set ( think bento box ) the fried fish in panko is very good.. around $10.. for 5 or so options of main and many side dishes.. A must try for the area..

              1. I asked a similiar question back in November when I started my job in Torrance. Here's that thread: