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Mar 16, 2009 04:12 PM

Post Chemo dinner recommendations

A little help from the CH fam:
My mom is going through chemo every 2 weeks for breast cancer, and on her off weeks I take her out for a fun dinner once a week. I don't have the head for thinking so much right now so I'd love the expertise of the CH community.
She has a great appetite but she has a few restrictions, so let's keep out Asian cuisine. Everything else is perfectly fine (french, Italian, Amer Nouveau etc.) Really good and reliable food.
I live in the WV, but anywhere in manhattan is okay. She just lost her hair but there are no insecurities with that issue. We are not looking to hide in the trenches.
I really do not have have any concerns with cost but I am in my early 20's, so I'm not at Per Se on a regular basis.
I know it is kind of unreasonable for me to ask that you leave out pretentious or rude restaurants, because everyone has their own experiences, but if you know ones that are consistently rude then you can just leave those out. I will openly reprimand someone on their poor behavior if it is directed at my mother.
If you could suggest enough places to last me through July (when chemo ends) that would be so helpful. I eat in my neighborhood a lot, but I don't have the head for creativity or planing these days so I'm asking for your help!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi Jacqueline,

    Isn't it amazing what a fun dinner can do to lift one's spirits? My best friend's mother is also battling breast cancer. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

    If I had to give one recommendation for a fun dinner, it'd be Craft. I went there for Christmas and the experience was magical. I like the family style portions, I like the simplicity of the food, I like the ambiance. Nothing was overlooked when I visited - I felt like they were pitching us the perfect game from start to finish. Not a single ounce of pretension.
    The braised short ribs were excellent - I also loved the side of cauliflower. For starters, both the chestnut ravioli and sweet potato agnolotti were incredible. The little cast iron skillets everything appeared on just made us happy.

    I hope you have the same experience I had, and best of luck with the treatment.


    1. One of my most favorite and special restaurants in the city is Scalini Fedeli in Tribeca. It is just a really special place where the service is top notch and the food is amazing! It is a pre-fixe menu of, I think, $65 per person it includes so so much food. Its definitely a celebratory type place.. possibly for when your Mom finishes all her chemo treatments! Best of luck!

      1. Off the top of my head, Annisa in the WV is a fantastic french-american restaurant (with asian influence, but very much french foundation). Highest rated female chef in the city, white, elegant-cozy interior. Might be a good choice to investigate more.

        1. Don't forget about Lupa. It seems to be impossible to reserve at prime time, but I've had good luck walking in, and if your mother likes to have dinner early or late, no problem reserving. In particular, one time I went there on Monday, and there were plenty of empty tables.

          I've gone through this with my father (he's still alive and kicking 14 years later!), so I empathize with you. Hang in there!

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            Try Alta on W10th (between 5th and 6th). It's a good tapas place that receives many rave reviews from my very finicky friends. It'll be fun to order lots of small plates so you can taste small portions of many dishes in one night... and order seconds of anything you love. : ) Here's a link with a menu, reviews and contact info. I'll be routing for you to enjoy many great post-chemo dinners and all good news from here on in. Sounds like you are a wonderful daughter!

          2. A steak might be just the thing for your mom- how about Strip House? The service is top notch and the potatoes fried in goose fat (not to mention the colossal slice of rich chocolate cake) will do wonders for any food lover's spirit :) Most of the restaurants mentioned here have been fairly expensive- since these are regular, frequent outings (good for you!), you may also be interested in more affordable places... let us know and I'll be glad to put my thinking cap back on.
            Good luck to you and your mom.