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Mar 16, 2009 03:48 PM

Fage Yogurt -- How soften the honey without ruining the yogurt?

So my latest addiction is the Fage yogurt with the little side honey compartment. The doctor says its good for me and I'm allowed to eat it on my new diet. Problem is, the honey is always TOO COld to retrieve from its compartment, let alone mix with the yogurt. I tried microwaving it for a quick second, but then the yogurt gets too warm. Does anyone have any tricks to this? Just thought I'd give it a try!

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  1. Cut the compartments apart and just microwave the honey compartment. If you insist on keeping them together, you can fill a bowl with hot water and dip just the honey side in until it's warm.

    1. How cold is your fridge? I only ask because I enjoyed my Fage with honey today and had no problem drizzling the honey over berries. Now that I think of it, I may have left the yogurt on the counter for ten minutes or so...

      1. A: Purchase plain Fage.
        B: Purchase honey you like and keep it at room temperature because it does not need to be refrigerated.
        C: Combine as needed.
        D: Enjoy!

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        1. re: jillp

          this is also SO much cheaper, and you have the option of getting the big tubs of 0%, 2% etc.

          1. re: dinaofdoom

            And even better, try the Trader Joe's version of greek style yogurt which tastes exactly like Fage, but is much cheaper.

            1. re: mollyomormon

              : -( i don't have any TJs here in austin, and miss them, but i totally would if i could!

          2. re: jillp

            Absolutely the way to go. Then you can try different additions besides honey - I like various types of jams added, to Fage, especially apricot.

          3. You could try plain fage and use honey powder instead of liquid honey.

            1. Patience, patience, patience. Open the container , tilt up the honey compartment and lean it against a cup or something so it stays standing up. Wait a few minutes. The honey will flow into the yogurt as God intended and will mix just fine with a few brisk stirs. And you don't want it 100% incorporated anyway--you want streaks of sweet honey contrasting with the tart yogurt. Oh my....