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Mar 16, 2009 03:17 PM

Advice for photographer about NYC chefs

Hi all,
I'm currently compiling my second photography book, featuring working chefs and cooks from across the US, next month I'll be in Manhattan/NYC area, and I'm asking your advice on who should be included. I'm not looking for the celebrities, but those who are great at what they do-the old italian lady who has the best salami, the sushi chef who has been at the same restaurant for 50 years, the eccentric chef who wouldn't mind having a photographer follow him to the morning market... this goes for specific restaurants, too: locals favorites, best dim sum, deli's, etc. Anyone who would like to share their thoughts is appreciated!

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  1. Check out this old thread - a quest very similar to yours:

    I'm sure lots of the info is still useful.

    1. if the japanese sisters still own otafuku, well they should be included imho! it's in the east village 236 e. 9th street

      1. You should definitely take some shots at:
        Katz's Deli
        Joe Campanale (was sommelier at Babbo at age 23 - went on to open 2 successful Italian rest's in NYC: dell'anima and L'Artusi)
        Murray's Cheese
        The adorable Mexican husband/wife duo who make the best tamales: They sell them in the a.m. on the corner of 28th and Broadway

        Sounds like a great project! Best of luck to you!

          1. Dan Barber if you can get to him.