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Mar 16, 2009 03:10 PM

Dining around Dupont ...alone

I lived in DC all summer so I'm fairly acquainted with the area, but I will be back in town on Friday into Saturday for business and shall be alone... so I'm looking for somewhere good enough for a quick dinner where it won't be too weird to eat by myself (mid-20's female). I prefer ethnic of some sort, but I'm not picky as to what it is. Is Zorba's Cafe any good? Or any Thai or Indian places in the area that are good (and decently priced too...). Or a crepe might hi the spot...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I like Zorba's it was a college haunt. Nothing spectacular but its affordable and casual. Julia's Empanada's are super quick and cheap, also decent. Malaysia Kopitiam is good malaysian in a hole in the wall, very casual. Moby Dick house of Kabob is also down there, casual, quick, though some don't care for it, I think its pretty good.... again from my college days.

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      Thanks for all the suggestions to everyone. I had a list, walked by a few places... went with Malaysia Kopitiam.Happy I did! Defintely hole in the wall but a lot of fun with good staff and delicious food!

    2. I think Zorba's is good... very quick.

      1. Zorbas is pretty good....I also recommend Hank's Oyster Bar- I ate there alone and it was fine. I think Moby Dick House Of Kabob is delicious!

        1. Alero's isn't too bad alone. The menu is reasonable.

          1. I like Zorba's too...quick and affordable.