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Dining around Dupont ...alone

I lived in DC all summer so I'm fairly acquainted with the area, but I will be back in town on Friday into Saturday for business and shall be alone... so I'm looking for somewhere good enough for a quick dinner where it won't be too weird to eat by myself (mid-20's female). I prefer ethnic of some sort, but I'm not picky as to what it is. Is Zorba's Cafe any good? Or any Thai or Indian places in the area that are good (and decently priced too...). Or a crepe might hi the spot...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I like Zorba's it was a college haunt. Nothing spectacular but its affordable and casual. Julia's Empanada's are super quick and cheap, also decent. Malaysia Kopitiam is good malaysian in a hole in the wall, very casual. Moby Dick house of Kabob is also down there, casual, quick, though some don't care for it, I think its pretty good.... again from my college days.

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      Thanks for all the suggestions to everyone. I had a list, walked by a few places... went with Malaysia Kopitiam.Happy I did! Defintely hole in the wall but a lot of fun with good staff and delicious food!

    2. I think Zorba's is good... very quick.

      1. Zorbas is pretty good....I also recommend Hank's Oyster Bar- I ate there alone and it was fine. I think Moby Dick House Of Kabob is delicious!

        1. Alero's isn't too bad alone. The menu is reasonable.


          1. I like Zorba's too...quick and affordable.

            1. I live in Dupont and dine alone all the time.

              For Indian go to Heritage and sit at the bar. For Thai I would try Regent Thai (although I've never dined there alone, but I don't imagine you would have a problem.)

              If you decide that you want something other then Indian or Thai, I would go to Hank's Oyster Bar (New England-style seafood), Bistro Du Coin (it can get really busy on the weekend, but I kind of enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant, even when I'm dining alone. It reminds me of traveling alone in Paris), or Sette Osteria (pizza and pasta. Again, if you dine at the bar you will feel comfortable).

              1. Zorba's is alright, but I think Moby Dick is better for a kabob. There is also a casual crepe place on P Street, Crepes a go go. Nothing to write home about, but if you'd like a crepe, it would fit the bill.

                1. Somebody educate me, please. Why do people think it's odd to eat out by yourself? Or that you have to eat at the bar if you do? This seems to be a particular concern around here. It doesn't bother me to eat out alone. I do it every day for lunch, and occasionally for dinner, and don't feel intimidated.

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                    Mostly because most people are not comfortable in their own company...I always leave over 20% tip when dining alone. I went solo to the Inn at Little Washington and they were so hospitable, invited me into the kitchen and everything.

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                      I eat out by myself all the time as well and don't find it odd but I know some people do. I always bring a book with me and rarely have a problem. I dine at the bar sometimes because it's a) easier to get a seat and b) sometimes I like to chat a little with the bartender. But I sit at tables alone as well. It really depends on the person and their personality and needs at that time.

                      Also it is true that some restaurants treat solo diners better then others. I appreciate it when they don't shove me in the corner near the kitchen or bathrooms and treat me just like any other diner.

                      Plus I should mention, that it has been documented on these boards and by others that women dining alone are sometimes treated differently then men dining alone. I have had problems with this from time to time but not enough that I can outwardly remember the restaurant. (The only place I remember having a major problem with was Left Bank, which refused to give me a table and barely wanted to give me a bar seat...I left).

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                        When they show me to the table near the kitchen or bathroom door, I ask for another, and usually the response is "anywhere you like." Maybe I just look like the type, but I find that even when I'm eating with someone else, particularly another guy, we'll first get shown to the table near the kitchen. But I don't take advantage of the courtesy when offered. If the restaurant is pretty busy, I'll try to find a more comfortable spot at a smaller table rather than taking a booth for six where I can spread out and have a little privacy. If the restaurant is half empty and I'm told when I ask for another table "Sorry, this is the only table for one that we have open now" I'll usually pass on it and go elsewhere. I understand that solo diners aren't all that important, in the main scheme of things, at least to the restaurants where I usually eat - not top tier places , but not the corner dives either (except when I know they're good).

                        For dinner, I tend to go out fairly late, usually after 8:30 or so, when things are starting to slack off as everyone goes home to the TV or to relieve the babysitter. That helps with seating somewhat as long as the waitstaff hasn't started to go home, too. I understand that a waiter probably doesn't want to hang around for another hour for a measly $4 tip from his only table.

                    2. Zorba's is OK, but not spectacular. I like the kabobs at Moby Dick and often eat their alone. I also like Raku (Asian fusion).

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                        Mark and Orlando's (upstairs) is also great.

                      2. If you are in the mood for sushi, Sakana on P street between 20th and 21st is great. You can either sit at the sushi bar or at a table. Never had a problem dining alone.

                        Sakana Japanese Restaurant
                        2026 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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                          I second this. I usually eat there alone (at the bar or a table..outside if it's nice) a couple times a month.