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Mar 16, 2009 02:53 PM

A and Alley, Newport Beach

I am from the San Francisco Bay Area and will be spending a few nights in Newport Beach soon. I made reservations for A Restaurant and Alley Restaurant and Bar but I can't find any threads on them on the LA board. Does anyone have any experience with these places? I reserved on opentable and they both seem to have some history so they sounded interesting -- and they are both on Pacific Coast Highway.

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  1. Not the easiest to search for given the name "A Restaurant", but here are a couple posts.

    Couldn't find any in depth reviews for the Alley, and I've never been, so can't help you there.

    1. What type of food were you looking for?

      I've been to the Alley but not A ( Arches ). Not really sure why they changed the name. It's been around for a long time. I've heard good and bad. Also some people say it's a little over priced.

      The Alley is alright...nothing to spectacular about it. It gets pretty crazy later on at night because a lot of the locals head over there to just drink.

      Hope this helps a little.

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        I'm looking for places with a classic Newport Beach feel to them. The link above seems to indicate the Arches might fit the bill.

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          Just know that The Arches moved to the Newport Peninsula on 29th street and A Restaurant at the original location has no affiliation to The Arches.

        2. Ah, the un-Googleable "A Restaurant and Bar".

          It's not exactly ancient, it opened last year. I've heard good things and the usual couple of "oh my God we weren't treated like the Dowager Queen of England" posts. I haven't been myself, but it's supposed to be pretty decent.

          You might also want to check out Marche Moderne in Costa Mesa, not far from NPB.

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            1. re: russkar

              That's one recommendation that I wholeheartedly agree with. Been tons of times. Its wonderful and just keeps getting better. Its a chowhound fave.

              You may also want to check out Basilic on Balboa Island. Only been once a few years back, but it was quite good, quaint and on the Island which makes for a nice post dinner walk.

              1. re: lawdog262

                Will add Marche Moderne and thanks for the Balboa Island recommendation.

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                  Been to Basilic doz's of times, maybe the best quaint Restaurant in NB.
                  Really good Raclette Cheese during Winter once a month.

            2. A RESTAURANT or the former Arches is certainly a Newport scene, but the food is very basic. definitely not mindblowing. ask to be seated with Ben. he's the best server in the house.

              1. I am a local who loves "the A" and "The Alley."I've never eaten at The A, I usually just go there with friends for drinks. The Alley is also a favorite locals bar and they have great Wine Dinners and brunch. Last night I had the pleasure of trying Marche Moderne and it was fantastic. Try the John Dory fish entree, mmm.