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Mar 16, 2009 02:27 PM

Seeking delectable (& organic) special dinner


My son is turning 18 next week. Being MY son (!!) he has excellent taste in food -- a refined palate, i think one might call it -- making his adoring mother occasionally broke albeit proud. Nevertheless, for his BD, I want to get him a gift certificate for a good restaurant (don't worry about the Mom-being-broke part!) .

Now here's the catch --the love of is life (who isn't his mother, of course, but a cool, comely 17 year old) has food allergies (no peanuts/ peanut oil, therefore no asian food and more) plus she's ethical (!!) In other words, she likes organic. No chilean sea bass, foie gras or veal for her! (Some of MY favorites..!) For Xmas, I got them a gift certificate to the Inn of the 7th Ray and that was a major hit (yay!)

While we live in Burbank/ La Crescenta, my son will drive (within reason. Not IE or OC, I suppose, but LA, Santa Monica, Hollywood, etc -- all okay).

Any great ideas out there? They're into "romantic" (ahhh, but at that age, who isn't?) ;)

Thanks -- I appreciate your help!

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  1. Try Grace or Palate (glendale) -- btw, will you adopt me?

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    1. re: Silverlaker

      Second the Grace suggestion and also would recommend

      M Cafe De Chaya

      7119 Melrose Ave
      Los Angeles, CA 90046
      (323) 525-0588

    2. I would second Palate, in your area, too. But know that M Cafe de Chaya is macrobiotic, not just organic, and your son may not find it very appealing.

      If his friend is so inclined, you may want to try Axe or Gjelina in Venice - although I hear there's major attitude at Axe. Also Akasha, in Culver City is along those lines.

      1. Madeline's in Reseda on Ventura Blvd. Charming in its' simple decor, stunning in the creative gourmet vegan fare.

        Madeleine Bistro
        18621 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356

        1. AKASHA restaurant in Culver City is perfect for your needs
          and has very eco-friendly design also.

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          1. re: NumeroUnoEat

            I looked up Akasha (as I didn't know it) -- is it pretty? The menu looks like them....!

            1. re: susiequeue

              I wouldn't call it pretty - I thought it was a little industrial - maybe I'm thinking of Beacon St. instead.

              Anyway, it was recommended b/c of the date's limitations - not for it's romantic atmosphere. And I have heard there's some attitude there too, for those not totally blown away by the pc menu.

              1. re: Phurstluv

                Dang, Phurstlove! I looked at the Akasha menu and seemed like the girlfriend's "thang." But my boy is a romantic... I'd choose The Raymond if the food were better -- sorry Raymond-o-philes. I've been a Raymond-o-phile in my life and times myself. But the lat time I went, the food and srvice were not so hot. Still, it IS a beautiful spot!!

                ME, I'd like to go to Grace! That sounded wonderful... unfortunately I fear too "exotic" for the girlfriend who is so picky. No wild boar or olives (even). She's organic, but limited! (A very cool person, though! I don't mean to make her sound bad in any way!)

                I'm thinking of giving them a $100 gift cert, and w/ them being 17-18 yrs old, alcohol isn't (or better not be!) an issue.

                M cafe de Chaya looked a bit casual but def. what the girlfriend would like. (Am I wrong about the casual part? I did not see a 'real" dinner menu. ??)

                Palate -- I need to re-read that menu! That's another restaurant on MY must-go-to list! I remember Cinnabar, after all! We even had reservations last summer (but I got sick and we had to cancel). I would want the pork belly but I sure can't see the girlfriend partaking of the that, and the wines (which is a real plus) -- well, again they're teens....

                Not so easy, huh??!! Really a tough choice. Especially 'cause I also am seeking the "perfect look" -- pretty, like a hidden gem, loving, cozy even... And did I mention that the girlfriend wouldn't want a 'snooty' part of town? (I know -- she's picky!!) So I'm not considering Beverly Hills (not that I know of a lot of places I'd want to pick there, though).

                And finally, I must say my son is picky himself though -- he disdains long menus! (Okay, so I agree with that assessment!) I looked up "Chez Mimi" yesterday and it looked like a long menu. Any thoughts, anyone..?

                Sigh. I know I should just forget it. Oh -- and adopt Silverlaker(!!!)

                Thanks all of you!

                1. re: susiequeue

                  Don't worry friend, all is not lost. If she doesn't want a chi-chi part of town, forget Grace. And I can't recommend M de Chaya, because it's just not my "thang", if you know what I mean!

                  Stick with Venice or Culver City. Don't worry about romantic - they are teens, after all! If it's important for your son to impress her, go to Axe or Akasha. There are even spots like Hal's or Gjelina on Abbott Kinney that my vegan friends like & can find something to eat in, so that should satisfy her.

                  Then you can take your son out and really splurge on pork belly, foie & veal, closer to home or in Beverly Hills. And what the heck is wrong with olives, anyway?!