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Mar 16, 2009 02:26 PM

LV- Tropicana and Pecos Recs

I'm visiting a friend who lives near the intersection of Tropicana and Pecos. I'm car less while he is at work. Any good recs that are within walking distance?

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  1. If you are a sushi fan, Sushi on Trop (2625 East Tropicana) has been consistent for a lot of years. For old-school Italian there is Casa di Amore (2850 East Tropicana), and for a little different Italian flair The Pasta Shop (2495 East Tropicana), although the latter is only open for dinner now. Those are all within a short walk of where you will be, along with a plethora of the usual fast food options.

    1. Also near Sushi on Trop is a Mexican place called Aye Jose Tacos! They have good handmade food, I really like the tacos lingua, and they are open twenty four hours I believe. Also, right on the corner of Tropicana and Pecos is a Sunflower grocery store. They have decent prepared foods and solid produce offerings.

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        I have been wondering about Aye Jose's, but have not had a chance to try yet. Thanks for the heads-up.