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Mar 16, 2009 02:14 PM

Barclay's - Calgary

Hello Hounds,

I will be staying in the Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire Hotel soon, and not really familiar with the area. I know Barclay's is located in the hotel; is it worthy of a visit? Is there something more interesting, and maybe less pricey, to be found nearby? Travelling by myself for work, so preferably somewhere I won't look out of place solo. Ethnic eats are good eats.


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  1. You're steps- about two blocks- from Chinatown! Tons of good eats there!

    To the SW of your hotel, also a block or two, is a very good Lebanese place called Sahara that has a devastating weekday lunch buffet and some fair prices (if you avoid the "grill' part of the menu and focus on trad Lebanese stuff).

    Right up 3rd St, just south of the Westin, is a a superb coffeehouse (Caffe Artigiano) which also has very good food, sandwiches that are more interesting than standard fare...

    Eau Claire Market, next to your hotel, has some pub grub; in the market proper is not a hell of a lot (6-screen cinema though, one that increasingly shows more indie/arthouse stuff); there is another good local coffeehouse called Good Earth that's a good stop for java; also there's a newer shawarma place called Babylon Qitaba that looks good though I've never had anything there.

    You have many options and are staying in a really nice hotel- have a great visit!

    1. I would also recommend Cafe 1886 at Eau Claire for a fantastic breakfast (and same menu for lunch). Barclay's is nothing special, and is more expensive than any of the places John has recommended.

      1. I've had the unfortunately opportunity to have a few business lunches at Barlcay's in the Sheraton and I don't recommend it. Dismal "game" burgers and even more uninspired salmon related dishes.

        You are just down the road from Buchanan's Chop House 4 blocks west of 3rd Street SW at 3rd Ave, although not less pricey than Barclay's. I think Prego is still in Eau Claire Market on the 2nd floor and it's not bad... I'd definately take it over Barclay's. Otherwise I would agree with Mr. Manzo and head for Chinatown and the delights on offer there.