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Mar 16, 2009 02:06 PM

Big Island Next Week....

We eat everything...staying in just south of the airport, in the mountians...will have a eats are always good, but we can splurge if it is worth it. I usually stay at the Four Seasons, so I really do know the high end places North of the airport...

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  1. I shouldn't recommend this because the owner used to beat up friends of mine in high school, but go to Hawi, go to Auntie's German Cuisine, and order the catch of the day. It was the best fish I've ever eaten in my life the one time I went, and not by a small margin. (There's also Bamboo across the street, if there ain't no catch of the day at Auntie's, but it's more money.) You must have had the malasadas at Tex Drive-in in Honokaa, but have them again.

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      Went to Hawi...Bamboo was closed. Did not see Aunties German Cuisine. We ate at the bakery "Sweet something" it was ok. The homemade Oreo was AMAZING/

    2. Couple of casual recommendations:
      Pizza at Chris Bakery ( Or just next door) in Kealakekua/Captain Cook NY style pizza ever!! Thin Crust....
      Island Fish and chips ( King's Shops) Waikoloa Beach Resort includes pineapple coleslaw.

      1. Just had an AMAZING lunch at Ceviche Dave's, which is just south of the airport....hard to find, but so worth it. It's a very small shack-type stop, 3 counter seats and 1 small table for 2 in the whole place. We spent $20 for lunch for 2 and had one of the best tasting ceviche sampler we have ever had the pleasure of eating. Highly recommend!!