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Mar 16, 2009 01:54 PM

Group near Clermont


I am going to be in Clermont riding the West Orange and looking for good grouper sandwich. I am also looking for stone crab and or other seafood. The group for lunch other stuff for dinner. If that fails some good Italian would be great. I would rather stay up north and not have to contend with finding my way around Orlando at night.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've not been to Cody Jacks but heard it was awful from several people... bad service, greasy and overpriced bar food-type of thing. (In all fairness to john, I have not been-he may have had many great meals there, so don't take it from me...)
      I second, third and fourth the Tiki Bar suggestion- EXCELLENT burgers and shockingly good grilled 'ahi' tuna sandwich that I would order again. Never had the grouper, so I'm no help there! Note that this is an outdoor bar near the lake, if ciggy smoke and plastic chairs bothers you, keep driving...

      Now for fish I did taste... There is a seafood market in Clermont on Hwy 50 - G&S, they also serve lunch. Fresh stuff, very friendly and helpful staff, I LOVED the lobster salad (hated the potato salad) - you may want to stop in to check them out. Clam chowder isn't my favorite thing in the world but I enjoyed theirs. I also tasted the lump crab cake but I can't remember my final verdict (that was when they first opened!)

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        I've eaten at Cody Jacks and was disappointed. Service was poor and the oysters were pre-shucked. The Tiki Bar is good. The Red Wing Cafe in Groveland is good for dinner.