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Mar 16, 2009 01:47 PM

PDT dogs?

Has any been to PDT, (the hot dog speakeasy) lately?
Is it worth all the fuss? Any recommendations?

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  1. If you just want to eat the hot dogs than you can get them at Crif Dogs and avoid the hassle of getting into PDT. The Chang and Tailor dogs are both chow worthy.

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    1. re: KTinNYC

      Are the Chang and Tailor dogs served only at PDT? I was at Crif last night and they weren't listed on the menu, and the person taking orders didn't seem familiar with them. I thought it was a little strange.

      1. re: craig_g

        Yes, the "special" dogs are only at PDT. Personally found the Chang dog skippable, but don't miss the John John Deragon -- it's like a bagel/hot dog mash-up (cream cheese and chives on top of a hot dog).

    2. Yes the drinks are the special things at PDT with a menu that is taken from Crif Dogs.

      I like your basic chili dog from there. The dogs are deep fried and the bun is buttered and grilled i think which is what makes these dogs at it's basic pretty darn tasty.

      1. PDT has some of the best drinks in the city, definitely worth it. Hot dog wise, I get the Wylie Dog, hold the lettuce(definitely keep the fried mayo and tomato molasses). If you cant get a res, try showing up before opening to be early in line to grab bar seats.

        1. I find it helps to be starved, and already a bit drunk before going. It's still a Crif Dog, just fancied a bit. The Wylie is the most impressive looking of the bunch.
          Drinks are hit or miss. Some of them, like the one titles There Will Be Blood were poorly mix, and almost too strong to drink...and I like strong, usually.