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Mar 16, 2009 01:31 PM

Bridal Shower-Bucks County

My friend will be having a bridal shower in Mid September for her daughter. Approximately 30 people will be attending. She is looking for a cozy, intimate, warm place in Bucks County. She will also need a vegetarian dining option, as well. That isnt essential, but would help. Thank you in advance

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    1. re: LauraInPhilly

      We had a lovely shower at Washington Crosing Inn. We used ther upstairs room and had it to ourselves. Not sure about vegetarian but I am sure they could accomodate.
      You could try Bella Tori Mansion in Langhorne. I have only been there for dinner --and enjoyed it--but I know they do parties too.

    2. My bridal shower was in Bucks County, Warrington, PA off of 611 at Villa Barolo. I think it's mostly Italian but they have lots of great things on the menu. My MOH created the menu and we were in a small intimate room, it had a lot of character and was very cozy and warm. The dishes she picked were absolutely delicious. Everyone said it was a good amount of food and yummy. The staff were friendly and I think they were very negotiable with pricing and very accommodating when it came to the menu. We had ours in October of 2008 and it was the perfect place on a Sunday afternoon. I've been here for dinner and it's okay for food in the suburbs...I think they are the kind of place that does better on lunches. Good luck!

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