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Mar 16, 2009 01:21 PM

Cue at the Guthrie Theater- lunch [Minneapolis]

Hi. My friend and I had lunch last week at Cue in Minneapolis. I thought it was very, very good. The restaurant looks great, although the decor might look more fitting at night (lots of metal and glass, quite glamorous). It's a large but well designed space, with two different bar areas and a large main dining room. We each ordered a salmon special. I don't usually order fish, but it was really pretty wonderful. Someone there really cares about food. Our dish came with broccoli rabe, which was cooked just right, and which almost no restaurants ever offer. We also got a lovely wild rice mixture. I actually live in Boston and was just visiting Mpls -- I was impressed and would go back again to eat at Cue. It would really be a treat to have dinner there then go to a show at the Guthrie -- one reason they invented cities!

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  1. If you are just visiting, then next time go anywhere but that place. I have been there 3 times, each time was a huge disappointment. Service was terrible, food was undercooked, overcooked and just off. Then let with a hefty bill.

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      No no no! Don't give up on Cue just yet. Tim McKee is taking over sometime this spring.


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        Oh really, wow. That will be interesting :)