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Mar 16, 2009 01:01 PM

Pot roast oven temp?

If you're baking a pot roast rather than simmering it on the stovetop, does oven temperature really matter? I mean, the liquid can't go above 212 degrees F no matter how hot the oven is. So as long as it's above 212, shouldn't the oven temperature be irrelevant? If not, why not? *confused*

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  1. I've cooked them at 220 degrees (in a covered dutch oven) in the oven using the same general recipe I might use on the stove top. Works just fine. Meat thermometer inserted into center tells me when it's fully cooked.
    Even though the water temperature will not rise above 212 degrees before turning to steam, the ambient oven temperature will have an affect on how it cooks. It'll cook a bit faster at a higher temperature.
    You also want to consider that "steamed" meat gets pretty tough so if it's cooked in an envornment that creates a lot of steam you may want to cook it a bit longer to ensure it's not just a chewy ball of rubberized meat when it's enjoyed from the serving plate.

    1. I always sear(brown) all sides of the roast first to keep in as much of the jucies as possible. Then 350 covered until done (thermometer always)

      1. This is a question I have about pot roasts and other braised meat _ short ribs, lamb shanks etc. Molly Stevens has you put everything in the oven at 300 or lower. But other people's recipes specify 350 or 375. I tend to follow whichever recipe I'm using. What do you think?

        1. Oven temperature does matter.

          Jfood braises a lot and he always sets the oven between 275-300, usually on the lower end.

          1. Thanks all.

            What temperature do you let it get to before pulling out of the oven?