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Mar 16, 2009 12:59 PM

Blanxart chocolate at the Milk Pail in Mountain View

They had kilo (2.2 pound) slabs of both the dark and the milk for $7.99, up near the registers. I didn't buy any, but if I can think of some reason to use that much chocolate I might go back. They also had 3.5 oz bars of the milk chocolate for $1.29. I figured someone here would probably want to know about this.

Also, maybe I'm just leading a sheltered life, but I'd never seen fresh chick peas (aka garbanzo beans) before; they had them for $2.49/lb.

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  1. wow this is cheaper than the guittard bar at trader joes. thanks!

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    1. re: choctastic

      Does Trader Joe's carry Guittard? If you're thinking of the "pound plus" bars, they're made by Callebaut (a couple of years ago there was actually a run of one of the TJ's "Belgian" chocolates that went out stamped "Callebaut" on the chocolate under the TJ's label). Among other things, according to the label the TJ's bars are made in Belgium, while Guittard is made right here in the Bay Area.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        That's a big difference, since Barry-Callebaut is the world's largest industrial producer (the Hershey's of Europe) and is not forthcoming about the source of its chocolate, which most likely includes the Ivory Coast.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          My bad, Callebaut. I probably should have eaten some chocolate before writing that post.

      2. They also sell fresh garbanzos at Mi Pueblo markets. Soak them in a little water with some salt ~3 or 4 minutes. Add them to a non-stick frying pan (without the water). Cook until they are done-should be soft.

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        1. re: sosdiaz

          I've seen them at Berkeley Bowl, but I'd never noticed them until after I'd seen them being sold at informal produce stands at the back of a truck on the streets of Salinas a couple of summers ago.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Yes, there's a garbanzo truck that shows up on 23rd street in-season.

            Honestly, though I just don't have the patience to shell them off the bush. Once was enough. The thrill was gone. I've noticed that Mexican markets and, as you mentioned, the Berkeley Bowl carry them shelled from time to time. I'll sacrifice some "off the bush' freshness for convenience.

            The above link has a link to photos of on-bush garbanzos that Ruth provided.

            That is a great price for the Blaxart bars as Spanish Table is selling them for $6.99

        2. Also selling these at Sigona's in Palo Alto and presumably the larger Mountain View store. As well as Valrohna (12.99 lb) and Guittard chunks of milk dark and white (didn't see the price). Blanxart bars are 99 cents for a limited time.

          1. the kilo slabs are $7.99 but the broken chunks are 1/2 that. they are yummy! I figure why pay more when you have to break them to eat it anyway!

            I tried the fresh garbanzos - quickly boiled in salted water - really good but time intensive to eat - ok raw too - definitely different from the canned ones. Pretty light green color.