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Mar 16, 2009 12:43 PM

Detroit/Dearborn best, fresh local restaurants

If you had one night to eat your last great meal in the Detroit / Dearborn area, where would you go? No chain restaurants. I'm in town for one night. My hotel is in Dearborn but can take a cab 15 - 20 minutes away. I like restaurants that use fresh, local flavors. I also love authentic Italian.

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  1. Get thee to Giovanni's in Detroit...wonderful food, homemade pasta by the 80-year-old maker, warm service. Tops in Detroit for real Italian.

    For excellent Midwest fare, try Michael Symon's new signature restaurant Roast, at the renovated Book Cadillac downtown.

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      Agreed. My retirement dinner was at Giovanni's, and (besides the fact I was retiring) the meal was truly amazing! It's in back of the Rouge, but just proves that the best food can be found in some really unlikely places.