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Bridal Shower Carb Free Menu Suggestions

i'm planning a brunch for my girlfriend's Bridal Shower and she's not eating carbs. I need help trying to figure out exactly what to have for the brunch other then fruit and veggie platter. any suggestions?

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  1. Fish and salads to be very simple.

    1. I am a low carb queen! I would make a frittata. Something with spinach and feta perhaps? Also, I make radish hash browns alot. You should try those too. If you should offer fruit, make sure they are mostly berries which are lower in carbs. They also sell low carb vanilla yogurt in the grocery stores to serve along with the berries. Hope this helps. Here are some links to recipes:

      Fritata: http://www.canadianliving.com/food/mu...

      Radish hash browns:

      1. Perhaps a crustless quiche? Shrimp cocktail could also work nicely, or even kabobs with shrimp, pineapple, and red bell pepper. Individual flans or custards could work for dessert.

        1. Crab or shrimp salad served in martini glasses, deviled eggs, baba ganoush with red bell pepper strips for dipping, ham & cheese pinwheels

          1. I'm not understanding what carb-free means if she can have fruit and vegetables since they're mostly carbs, both complex and simple. With carb free, I'm thinking roast turkey, roast beef, shrimp, cheese. Maybe shrimp wrapped with bacon. Frico cups filled with eggs and prosciutto. Even shrimp cocktail sauce has sugars/carbs. Deviled eggs w/out mayo?

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              The folks I know who are low-carbing now mean "no white" carbs -- no flours, pastas, potatoes, processed sugars.

            2. I have served Ina's Shrimp Salad and Chinese Chicken Salad. Both are easy and simply delicious. The Chicken in the Chinese Chicken Salad, was from two Costco Rotisserie chickens.

              Both recipes are on foodtv.com.

              1. You can always do lettuce wraps. Mini clafoutis, which are similar to quiches, just pour custard & desired fillings into mini muffin tin pan. And veggie dips like hummus & white bean dip are good with crudites. Also can do a nice ratatouille, although that's all vegetables.

                Maybe stick to shrimp & beef skewers, don't have to use veggies, and a satay dipping sauce.

                1. Wow, thanks for all the great suggestions. I guess, it's not really "carb free" but low in carbs. I was mostly just thinking of the stuff that the bride to be said she does eat. Thanks again for all the great ideas.

                  1. Caesar Salad with Parmesan Fricos (just spread grated parmesan into circles on baking sheets and bake til brown then remove from baking sheets and form into little cups)
                    Frittata or Crustless Quiche (as suggested by others)
                    Marinated Mushrooms and Artichoke Hearts
                    Deviled eggs
                    Chicken Cordon Bleu (just eliminate the flour or sub in soy flour if necessary)
                    Pureed vegetable soup

                    Pavlova or Floating Islands (made with stevia) for dessert... or Flourless Chocolate cake made with stevia

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                      Thanks for the great menu ideas. This sounds like something i'd just want to make for friends for a brunch! We just actually had the Bridal shower this past weekend and i went with the following menu:

                      Chicken Ceaser Salad
                      Fruit Platter
                      Veggie Platter
                      Asparagus Sundried Tomato Lasagna (i know not carb friendly, but 90% of it is made up of vegetables.)
                      Flan for dessert.

                      The bride-to-be was happy, which was the most important person of all, and all the guests enjoyed themselves. :) Thank you again for all the menu ideas and suggestions.

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                        Yum, sounds like a fab menu, thanks for reporting back!

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                          Sounds lovely...glad she loved it!

                      2. Focus on light creative proteins. Will your guests dine at tables or do you have to make grazing food?

                        Spicy tuna tartare in a martini glass is always nice. Layer it with some avocado and peeled diced tomato.

                        1. There's so much you can make, and easy!
                          Bake little mini taco pies, the crust is ground beef and fill with a mix or cheese, sour cream mexican sauce, and avocado. Add olives or whatever you want. Great snacks!
                          or roll up procsuitto with a cream cheese and chive/tomato mix you can also bake those little bacon baskets since they no carb dieting. Fill with frisee, cheese, and salad. Too cute.
                          http://www.notmartha.org/archives/200... a photo somewhere I'll look for it.