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Mar 16, 2009 12:14 PM

Po' Boys? In Reno?

Ok, Reno Hounds...I hope you can help. Son #2 is graduating from UNR and heading off to Medical School at Tulane. I want to have a backyard party after the ceremony, but with a New Orleans theme.....of course, its hard when you're planning things from afar...but don't want him to have to stress it. I was thinking something semi-catered (and not expensive..I need to save all my pennies for tuition!) maybe Po' Boys and Red Beans and Rice....maybe some gumbo? Anybody have an idea for a local place that might do food like that? I'm drawing a blank.......Also any sources for Abita Beer/Root Beer...(The website was useless: a search for places within 10 miles of 89509 led me to a store in Florida...WTF?)

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  1. There's a new place out at Legends - not sure if they do any catering. Here's a link to their website:

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      Hey, the website says that they do! Thanks, Nancy, that looks just about perfect!

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        We visited Jazz last night with some friends and had a nice meal, but I have to admit that it wasn't near as good as the Cajun food I've had in places like Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and small towns in Mississippi.

        We shared some Cajun popcorn - a combination of crawfish and shrimp with fairly heavy breading. My dish was a shrimp po' boy, which turned out to be more of the popcorn style shrimp with lettuce and tomato. I would not order it again. The cole slaw, however, was very good.

        My wife had oysters, which had good flavor but were really tiny compared to others she has had. One friend had blackened tuna, which had a very nice flavor, but was a little overcooked. Not enough to complain or send i back, though, because the flavor was good. The other friend had catfish, and was happy with her dish.

        We also ordered a bowl of gumbo and shared tastes. The gumbo was dark and thick, and very peppery. All of us liked it.

        Overall, we would probably rate this a 5, on a scale of 1 to 10. We arrived at 5PM on Saturday and there were lots of open tables, but by 6:15 the entire place was packed, with 15-20 people in line.

        I hope the quality of the food gets better over time. It would be nice to have a really good Cajun place to go to in the Reno/Sparks area.


    2. I heard about Scheels as the new unbelievable sporting goods store and figured it was a good time to check out the new mall. The store is amazing and they did a very nice job on the mall. It's much prettier than the Summit mall.

      I love cajun food and of course had to check out Jazz. Most cajun restaurants outside of Louisiana are not very authentic, serving food with a bunch of heat and calling it cajun. I was expecting the worst but instead was pleasantly surprised. The gumbo was the real thing, made with a roux and a bit of heat. The shrimp weren't overcooked and were quite tender. It's not as good as many versions I've had in New Orleans, but better than most versions outside of Louisiana. Your best bet for great gumbo is to buy Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen and cook his recipe. I also tried a muffuletta, which was tasty, but a bit salty. I enjoyed the olive spread and the bread was a fairly close version to those you find in Louisiana. I would return to try some other items.

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        That's the first non-negative review I've heard about Jazz. I'll have to check it out, now.

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          RevAndy's review encouraged me to give it a go. I ordered gumbo, popcorn shrimp, a dinner salad and a frozen margarita.
          . I got the gumbo and was overwhelmed by the salt. But I thought maybe the problem was with me. I kept eating it, maybe expecting it to get better.
          I switched to the popcorn shrimp. They were especially encouraging because they looked great. And they were perfectly cooked. But there was a problem. No flavor. Shrimp don't have a strong flavor and often serve as a vehicle to deliver a tasty sauce. But good shrimp does have some flavor and these were flavorless.
          The salad was a standard dinner salad and the margarita was a basic margarita.
          Service was good.
          I may have gotten an old batch of gumbo. The fact that the shrimp were so well cooked shows me someone in the kitchen knows his or her job. That and the fact RevAndy had a good meal here is promising. So I'm not writing Jazz off just yet. Maybe they're still working out the kinks. The meal I had there wasn't good enough for me to recommend it.
          In my photos, the shrimp is on the left and the gumbo is on the right.

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            My gumbo wasn't oversalted. You may have had a bad batch or a different cook with a heavy hand. Or I just got lucky that day. My sandwich was good but was a bit salty. I'm not sure which meat was the problem but I'd like to see them change that. I would go back and try their etouffee and boudin appetizer.