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Mar 16, 2009 12:11 PM

Voya, Vancouver

Any thoughts on Voya in the Loden Hotel on Melville? Looking for a place for a business dinner for around 12 people in April, and someone suggested this place. We are looking for a mid priced place, with seafood, and local ingredients, and that we could hold a conversations or two...

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  1. As I am writing this I am staying at the Loden Hotel. The hotel by the way is wonderful. I dined at Voya last night. The prices are fairly reasonable. The menu is not large by any means. Great choices. I had the octopus appetizer. Very flavourful with a wonderful use of lentils as an accompaniment. The duck main course is highly recommended. The place was fairly quiet. A group of 12 would surely make an impact on the energy of the place. The restaurant is not very large. The 12 of you would fill the lounge area.