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Mar 16, 2009 12:00 PM

Interesting powders and jars from Barry Farm

I came upon by accident when looking for dried beans online. They have a selection, but also lots of their own unusual products (e.g. honeydew jam, rhubarb ketchup) plus the powders that are used in largescale food packaging, repackaged for home use - things like orange cheese powder, sour cream powder, asparagus powder, freeze-dried zucchini flakes, cheesecake powder. There are loads of non-alcoholic flavorings/extracts in small bottles. I am tempted to order a number of things and wonder if anyone has any experience with their products.

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  1. I bought a lot of items from them through Amazon a few years ago. Mostly dried fruit, seeds and nuts which we were very pleased with. The powders I bought were cheddar cheese which must have been good because it is all gone, tomato which I always forget I have and so can't comment and beef broth which I don't really care for as it is vegan, I didn't that notice when I ordered. Hope this is helpful.

    1. I finally ordered from them in May: cheddar cheese powder, sour cream powder, dehydrated packets of tomato, chopped toasted onion, shallots, and granulated toasted shallots. Good quality and very handy. I added some of the orange cheese powder to my latest batch of mac&cheese, which turned out to be delectable. I never use a recipe, just making it whenever I have cheese that's on the verge of molding or drying out, so it's never the same twice, but there's always swiss, cheddar, asiago, and some processed American because that keeps it smooth. The powder added a little of the addictive "blue box" flavor whose appeal is a guilty pleasure. I combined the sour cream, cheese, and granulated shallot on popcorn - yippee!

      1. Hey, cool resource. Thanks!

        1. I got my tomato powder from Harmony Foods but found it to be bitter. I could have done something wrong though. I do think their potato dices are a great stand by.

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            What do you use the tomato powder for? Thank you!

          2. I have purchased quite a few of the powders late last year and thought they were good quality. I also use them for dog cookies & ice cream treats that I make.