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Mar 16, 2009 11:54 AM

Spring 2009 Openings and Closings

OK, maybe we're not quite to spring yet, but it'll be here by the end of the week. I'll start by mentioning one place that just opened. Capri Restaurant and Wine Bar has moved into the spot in South Braintree where Bickford's used to be (near the Route 3/Union Street intersection). It looks to be a slightly upscale place that features a mix of Northern and Southern Italian cuisine.

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  1. It doesn't feel like Spring yet, but there is now a Halal Butcher and Convenience store on Somerville Ave in Cambridge where there was just a Convenience store before across from the park, just down the street from Razzy's. Also the bakery space on Medford St (where Panificadora Modelo was before moving across the street) in Somerville is now under construction, although I wasn't close enough to see what was listed on the building permit.

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      That part of Somerville Ave is firmly in Somerville, of course.

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        I just noticed that butcher shop on sunday (i had been over there a couple of days prior, but at night). Kind of took me by surprise, I don't even remember there being a convenience store there.

      2. Speaking of places that used to be Bickford's (and Boston Market before that), Bread & Co. has moved into that space on Broadway/Winter Hill in Somerville. I've been meaning to post here to ask if anyone's tried it.

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          Interesting, I noticed some job postings on craigslist and wondered why a bickfords needed a barista. Bread & Co is a Brazilian Bakery based in Everett. After Padaria Brasil in Framingham (which took over a space in Union Sq last year), its one of the oldest, and has had a larger selection than others. Plus its offered some Italian pastries, croissants, espresso drinks for Americans, plus protein shakes and stuff. When it started the quality was always high, it varied over time and I have done better with the smaller Broadway Cafe in Everett. Had I know they opened I would have dropped in today. You can find some old reviews for the Everett location here...

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            I've since noticed that they are now listed on Open Table as an Italian/Brazilian/American bistro. Their name sure sounds like a bakery, but the blurb and photo don't seem to match the name. I guess I'll have to check it out!

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              They definitely were hiring more full service positions, but don't know anything about the menu itself. Their web site is and the only information they include about the Somerville site is:

              Funny thing is the random click art their graphic designer used looks a bit like Bickfords...

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                There's a bakery counter with coffee and pastries, but all the seating inside is full-service and there appears to be a more extensive menu. I stopped in one morning for takeout - the coffee was great, but not much variety on the pastries and the guava pastry I got was rather dry.

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          1. There's what I think is a new place next to Zoe's on Mass Ave., lower level. I think it's Indian. And a bunch of empty storefronts along where there used to be furniture stores.

            There's a new Sammy's that'll be opening on Centre St. in JP pretty soon, around the corner from Blue Frog bakery (where BF was going to expand into at one point, sigh).

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              The place next to Zoe's is called Tagine and it's going to be Moroccan. It's not open yet.

            2. The old Despina's Place (pizza joint) at Mass. Ave. and Marlborough Street in the Back Bay is going to reopen as Despina's Cafe 47 in a week or so.