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Mar 16, 2009 11:41 AM

Green Nonstick Pans at Target?

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  1. It's mostly a gimmick. If you can label something "green" people will buy it. If you want a nice non-stick pan without the care or chemicals, buy cast iron or carbon steel.

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    1. re: HaagenDazs

      I have cast iron, but I use nonstick for eggs. Eggs stick to even seasoned cast iron.

      1. I don't buy into that. I do have non stick pan however from target a small one. I love it. 6 yrs+ and no problems. Better than my al clad by far. But the green thing ... marketing!

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        1. re: kchurchill5

          I have a couple of Farberware pans that I got 2 for $7 a few years ago and they're in great shape.

          1. re: Amuse Bouches

            Funny isn't it. I guess I just remember my Grandma who cooked with a few ol' simple cheap pans, some cast iron and she was good to go. I love and appreciate many of the new pans out there, and have a few I received as gifts. They are nice, but honestly, I still use my cheap ones and my cast iron most of the time. I just have no reason to invest so much money in a kitchen appliance or utensil when what I have works great.

            I do appreciate some of the new ones, but what I have still works great. Besides ... I always said it is the cook that makes the food ... not the cookware. I have a old Mr. Coffee and it still works just great. Still drippin' away. I grind my coffee and no complaints. I had a braun as a gift and it broke in 2 years. Back to Mr. C. Why change? I have a pizza stone going on several years 6 or 7, Walmart 15 or 20 bucks including the wood paddle and it is perfect. And my friend who is a chef just laid out a wad for a top of the line stove top griddle and he prefers mine. I think mine was 40.

            Maybe I am just frugal or maybe just lucky or maybe crazy. I got my mom a small target griddle pan, just a single and it is 10 years old. She uses it daily. And my 2 Farberware and great as well!! Here here to farberware!