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Mar 16, 2009 11:41 AM

Latin American Tamales - Calgary

By coincidence, this actually sorta relates to the Latin community post.

Has anyone tried ordering from here:

Apparently a home-based business (in Sunnyside) for Latin American tamales. I'm not familiar with them, since I'm used to the corn-husk covered pork tamales.

Just curious if anyone has tried it out...

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  1. This sounds superb- when I was a kid we ordered tamales by the dozens from a local mamacita... pork is one standard but maybe they do it differently in el salvador (vs mexico).

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. This does sound interesting, its across the city from me but if anyone tries it please post your experience here, thx.

        1. Do you know where it is? The website just says by Sunnyside station, and I'd vastly prefer an actual address. A curious omission.

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          1. re: AriaDream

            I'd guess this omission was deliberate since they run the operation out of a home- I think. You place the order and they give you the address, and no I don't know what it is because I haven't placed one.

          2. Thier site is down. does anyone know if they are still around?

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            1. re: picardsvintagelady

              Goggle cache shows a page from May 12th
              The phone number for ordering is there.

              Facebook page is down

              Twitter page is up - last twit on May 15th "Thank you to all our great customers!"
              Not sure if that means anything or not.

              No posting on Health Region site.